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(2019-12-04, 13:41)skyeia Wrote:
(2019-12-03, 22:08)DanCooper Wrote:
(2019-11-25, 16:51)skyeia Wrote: Congratulations!
TheTVDB fixed the naming issue.

But another bad news, they removed all xml header (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>)  of the xml files extacted from zip.
The API response is different before their shitty update, it broken the backward compatibility of API and broken the library that Ember is using.
And it seems that they are not treat it as bug and going fix it (Hope I was wrong).

TheTVDB Temporary Workaround (Use at Your Own Risk)
  1. Download the modified TVDB.dll
    • <TVDB.dll (20191129)Latest
      • Attempt to fix <displayepisode>4096</displayepisode> issue (Details)
      • Do not save incorrect <displayseason> and <displayepisode> to new scraped episode. (NEW SCRAPED episode only)
      • Note: As I am not clearly understand the usage of <displayepisode> and<displayepisode>, please try the previous version if these is any side effect.
    • <TVDB.dll (20191125)>
  2. Save it to the same directory with Ember Media Manager.exe
    Ember Media Manager
      |-- Ember Media Manager.exe
      |-- TVDB.dll
  3. That's all
2019-11-25 19:15 GMT :
Season poster scraping is still not work.
It is another gift (bug) from their shitty update, their API* does not return any season poster.
*banners.xml from https://thetvdb.com/api/{API}/series/300472/all/en.zip 

I don't know exactly which state of the code you use, but I think you have to check this line to fix that "all episodes gets <displayepisode>4096</displayepisode> bug. This only should be added if an "AirsAfterSeason" value has been provided. I can't show what TVDb provides for an value because my state of code is miles away of the last public build.    
Yes, I checked this.
TheTVDB API now return "airsbefore_episode", "airsbefore_season", "airsafter_season" for all episodes.
I just set back to -1 iff all of them is equal to 0 for the workaround on the TVDB.dll  
"I just set back to -1 iff all of them is equal to 0 for the workaround on the TVDB.dll"

I don't quite understand if this is fixed or I have to go into emm to fix it. I downloaded the 1125 patch and I manually set EMM in tv shows - scrapers - data (add display seasons ...in special episodes) to off and that seemed to fix the problem. I then downloaded the 11/29 patch and did not change the settings and the displayseason does not show up (which is good, because this was not a special) but I don't know if you fixed it or it is just not happening because I changed the setting. 

Thanks so much for your patch to this point. I am using an older version 1.48.0 alpha 23 because there were problems when I updated to latest builds like 2 years ago and I never got around to trying the even later builds but so far your patch is working fine. 

Since I was using older Filebot, and have never really used the renamer in ember, I was wondering if it would work now that you have restored functionality with thetvdb, I am looking for a filebot replacement and I think for most of my needs emm can do it, but just didn't want to try and learn it if it isnt working. The filebot dev I dislike because his whole using all the public help to build the app and then constantly changing his billing model, forcing the windows store, etc etc, just gave me a horrible taste in my mouth. The sad thing is, I would have sent plenty of money to him had he not gone down that route as I have with several other companies to support their stuff. If you ever need money, I think many will provide it if you just ask...Sorry going off topic, anyway, thanks  for the quick patch and all you have done and if ember has great file naming that I just ignored, which it probably does and I just need to learn it....anyone please let me know.

Also, I just discovered like 3 months ago about the right click scan folder for new content. What a life and time saver. I wish I knew about that years ago, but it's hard to understand everything and of course none of us have enough time so I am so thankful you spend the time you do working on this. Such a great feature and I am sure I am missing others.....
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