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(2019-12-04, 23:21)sanjonny Wrote: manually set EMM in tv shows - scrapers - data (add display seasons ...in special episodes) to off and that seemed to fix the problem.
That options disable this information for every episode. That means it will also no longe been written into special episode NFO, so it's not a workaround but ATM the better solution. IMO it's better to lost this information on some special episodes instead of writing a wrong information to every other episode.
(2019-12-04, 23:21)sanjonny Wrote: if ember has great file naming that I just ignored, which it probably does and I just need to learn it....anyone please let me know.
The renamer works great. There are some things to know (e.g. using of $B for movie renaming if you set more than one sub folder) but i think with the preview in the settings menu you get a really good idea of how Ember rename your files. Also you can disable the auto renaming and show the new file and folder names before renaming in the Bulk Renamer dialog (Tools => Buld Renamer). I think the only thing that Ember does not support is pickling up your files from your download folder and move it to the correct tv show folder. Ember only renames episodes if they are already in the tv show folder. But Ember move it to the correct season folder if you want that.
(2019-12-04, 23:21)sanjonny Wrote: Also, I just discovered like 3 months ago about the right click scan folder for new content. What a life and time saver. I wish I knew about that years ago, but it's hard to understand everything and of course none of us have enough time so I am so thankful you spend the time you do working on this. Such a great feature and I am sure I am missing others.....
Yes, I know. It is really annoying if you have to scan the whole source only the get e few new episodes or movies. That was the reason why I implemented that. It's also possible to trigger Ember via command line to scan a folder for new movies/episodes.
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