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ImageImageSouth Park is acting up. When adding new episodes with the latest 11/29 dll I get this problemImage
link to image of desktop

I know in the past when I ran into this, I basically left everything as it was, removed the show from database, closed emm and restarted and then rescanned so that my custom stuff was still there and then scraped the show again and it would repopulate whatever went wrong. Also i tried posting the image thru the image link above but it would not work...
just in case it doesn't show up, it throws an invalid date time error. I think this is an old bug, but maybe since there is so much content in the folder...23 seasons or something, I just don't quite remember how to get it to work. I checked thetvdb and it appears that things are working on their end. South park in my entries got screwed when thetvdb stuff started, but I am scared to wipe all the nfos and start over, though i did get rid of the tvshow.nfo before I tried rescanning but that didn't seem to fix it. I know usually it might be a file name throwing it off but since  I think this is like 50 gb or more of content, I have to back it up before I really go screw with it or delete everything because I would hate to lose all the nfos...
I tried rescrape season and such but that changes nothing. I did about two weeks ago make custom nfo when thetvdb started their "upgrade" which i know sometimes causes problems but I deleted those which usually rectifies this. Anyway...help?
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