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(2019-12-08, 00:39)msavazzi Wrote:
(2019-12-03, 01:05)DanCooper Wrote:
(2019-12-02, 20:54)msavazzi Wrote: Dan,Soo nice to see it's still alive and development continues Smile I've been "away" for quite a while Smile 

I have no other hobbies Tongue Greetings to Italy!     
maybe a silly question but on GitHub I do not see any commit since 2018... am I wrong?
where is the latest code?

I work in the "new_code_cleanup" branch. You can take a look, but does not make any sense to change something on code because it's under heavy re-coding. But it's compilable if you disable/unload the projects "Scraper_Test" and "UnitTest". The "DB\MyVideosDBSQL.txt" is not up-to-date, so you need an older ".\Ember MEdia Manager\Profiles\PROFILENAME\MyVideosXY.emm" that can be updated to the latest state. Also I working on the new DB interface to remove all the SQL queries outside of the clsAPIDatabase. It always was a pain to check and change all external queries to match a change inside the DB.

What I'm working on:
  • Move all settings pages into individual Forms: nearly done.
  • It was a pain to open and work in the dlgSettings beacause of hundrets of controls and funtions. All pages are aleady moved outside into own Forms, but still have to re-code 50% of them.
  • Splitt the Manager settings (basically all GUI settings and GUI related save states) from the API settings: nearly done. The traget is to cleanup the API settings from all of the not API related settings. It think at some point we can release the API in .NET Core with the target that other users can create a GUI for Mac and Linux.
  • Create new settings.xml with common used classes to reduce code duplicates. ATM it's not possible just because we have different classes for movie, movieset and tv show. With the new setting classes we can use the same code for common workflows.
  • Finish the DB interface for the main app and addons
  • Update all scrapers to the latest APIs (if they work... hi TVDb Big Grin )
  • go thru the bug tracker list an check if all bugs has been fixed
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