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(2019-12-18, 21:43)Huisie Wrote:
(2019-12-17, 20:55)DanCooper Wrote:
(2019-12-17, 20:49)Huisie Wrote: Hi, all - having a bit of an issue recently with Ember recently.  About 2 weeks ago, after not having run Ember for a couple months, I decided to catch up on updating my TV and movies metadata.

The last time I ran Ember, it performed fine.  However, for the last couple  weeks, it will not overwrite existing pictures for TV or movies when scraping.  It does overwrite existing nfo.
If a file doesn't previously exist, it will download the selected pic (banner, poster, etc.). 
However, if a file exists and I select a different image, it will not overwrite the existing file.  If I delete the existing file, Ember will download the new selected file.

I have checked my file permissions and there should be no restrictions.  I have tried deleting and reinstalling Ember, but no joy.
I tried selecting "keep existing" but that didn't make any difference, either.

I have tried searching the forums but couldn't find any help there.  Does anyone have siome suggestions, please?

My media is on a QNAP TS-453A and I am running Ember on Windows 10 laptop. 
I connect to folders on QNAP via Network share.  I have also tried mapping the shares as network drives - doesn't make any difference, still can't overwrite existing pics.

Check the log (.\Ember Media Manager\Logs) or try to start Ember as Admin.   
Hi, Dan, thanks for responding.

I tried your suggestions - I opened Ember as admininstrator and checked the log files.  The only error I can find in the logs is as below:

logger: EmberAPI.Images
callsite: EmberAPI.Images.SaveToFile
threadid: 1
level: ERROR
message: SaveToFile 
The message is only "SaveToFile"?
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