HDMI Audio Handshake Issue
I recently entered my Yamaha RX-V765's menu to enable HDMI audio to both the Yamaha AVR and my Sony KDL-46XBR6 TV since I added a new pair of Sennheiser Wireless RS 175 Headphones to my family room for night-time listening when others are sleeping. I previously had an older pair of Sony Wireless headphones which required me to plug and un-plug the transmitter into my Yamaha's headphone jack.

By upgrading to the Sennheisers, I wanted better quality audio (which I got) and a permanent connection to my system. I tried every jack imaginable to connect the new Sennheisers but only the headphone jack of my Yamaha gave the results I wanted. The digital (optical) audio connection to my TV only worked with PCM and lower sources so that was out. I finally found a device that extracts and converts audio from an HDMI connection.(see below) This device requires me to enable the audio hdmi connection between the Yamaha and TV where the device will go when I receive it. In the meantime I noticed DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD and other HD Audio tracks were now showing up as DTS only. I checked the setting in Kodi and the HD Audio Receiver choices were missing only to return when I disabled the HDMI Audio link from my Yamaha AVR to the TV. Apparently, Kodi's HDMI handshake thinks my TV is the device used to output sound. It is at the end of the hdmi chain but my Yamaha receiver is still connected and working.

My equipment:

Intel NUC running OpenELEC connected via HDMI to
Yamaha RX-V765 AVR connected via HDMI to
Sony KDL-46XBR6 TV
Monoprice 10251 HDMI Audio Converter : https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10251
you need to have the Monoprice box set to 'Mode B' and/or connect the Monoprice box between the NUC and the receiver, not the receiver and TV.
The NUC isn't my only source. I also have a Verizon FIOS DVR and DVD Player. I need a PCM or Analog signal to drive the Sennheiser's transmitter for all my sources. I'll try both mode A and B on the Monoprice box and hope my issue goes away. Thanks for the suggestion.
The Monoprice device did not work as I hoped it would. I tried both the optical and stereo jacks from the device and got NO audio when HD Audio was playing both in mode A & B. In mode B it turned off my AVR's decoding method during playback of HD Audio. The Yamaha's display said "Decoder Off". No audio was being played by my speakers or headphones. The device only passed stereo and PCM - same as my Sony TV.

Back to square one.

I'm going to see if I can toggle Kodi's Audio Output settings (passthrough on / off)

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HDMI Audio Handshake Issue0
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