Philips Android TVs (2016)
(2016-10-06, 13:43)infinity85 Wrote: Well.. best way is simply to find out if sideloading Android Apps (*.APK) is possible on Philips and then simply go to your electronics shop and try it there. The USB Ports are usually accessible, so you could even put some sample files on the flash drive to test the output directly there. Perhaps it'll suit your needs and expectations Smile

Well, you made the same points about Ambilight that I had made myself

Thanks for the advice! I don't usually go to electronics stores anymore, but I guess they do offer some advantages over online stores, hehe Smile
(2016-10-08, 10:35)wholmen Wrote: Well, you made the same points about Ambilight that I had made myself
Yep, but my posts aim regarding Ambilight was rather about alternatives, so you wouldn't be restricted to buy a Philips TV. You could upgrade any TV (any brand) with ambilight, if all this fiddling with a arduino/raspberry and led stripes, hdmi splitter etc. is something that would interest you. Smile. I think I would do it for watching movies (only ambilight behind TV), but I imagine that pairing with the hue bridge could sometimes fail or other unplanned issues could appear. That's usually too time consuming -_-
I recently got the Philips 7101 -4k that I am very pleased with.
Installed Kodi from the Google Play store, set it up for my local repository, works like a charm! Smile

Got one question: Before I got the Philips TV, I used a RPi3. On my RPi3 I could SSH into it easilyi, and edit the advancedsettings.xml, and add my own m3u8 playlist etc. etc... HOW can I do this on the Android Smart TV / Philips? Anyone? Huh
Should be possible via ES File Explorer app.
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.925 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0
Ok, so no SSH/Telnet/FTP etc.?
(2016-11-29, 14:00)CiNcH Wrote: Should be possible via ES File Explorer app.
Please Don't use that ES File Explorer App - it will get its tentacles into everything. And has been causing numerous users issues.
Its nothing better than Spamware now.

Use the Android TV X-Plore App instead.

Regular Android Apps Sideload TIPS:

The Android TV App - X-Plore is much better file manager than ES File Explorer.

Q. Want to easily upload an Android App to the Mi Box without a USB Stick needed, using X-Plore ?
  • Simply select the WiFi Server in the X-Plore App, and note down the HTTP IP address under WiFi file sharing
  • Go to a PC / Mac and enter the IP address into a browser
  • Select SDCard > Download folder
  • Upload the required App and then install from the Download folder on the Mi Box using X-Plore again.
Job Done. Smile

HINT: for advancedsettings.xml install, use Kodi's file manager. Save an advancedsetings.xml file to a USB Stick the use Kodi's file manager to copy advancedsettings.xml from Window "A" to the Profile directory in Window "B"

(2016-10-06, 15:40)zag Wrote: These new 2016 TV's are full android TV's(at least they were on the Android TV press release from CES) as far as I know just like the Sony's.

Can anyone who has bought one confirm?

Yep i have Philips 2016 smart tv and yes It is full android and kodi runs super Big Grin
I got myself recently

And it is fully integrated android TV, love this TV, all well integrated including Ambilight and very well integrated remote with kodi (pretty much all works ).
The only issue I have is that kodi do not play 4k resolution than I found below link:

And it looks like kodi will have to be adopted to play 4k does anybody know what this adopting means ?

Also when I say it is fully Android integrated tv you need to remember that not all apps will work on it also play store is limited to apps that support TV (you can side load apk s)
for that I use and this gives you pretty much any app working on this tv but you need mouse and keyboard plugged in to usb to emulate touchscreen on this tv.
Hello everyone! I have a Philips PUS7181. I bought Philips TV only because on Android I can install Kodi.

When I watch a movie on Kodi no matter what quality(even SD) the sound of the movie is somewhat freezing every few seconds which makes it totally unusable.

Do you have any suggestions?
Yes, Debug log (wiki). No log no issue.

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