[Feature Request] Generate thumbnail option
First of all - I love TinyMediaManager. Great product, thanks for all of the hard work. I just wanted to make a small feature request.

Oftentimes, when scraping a TV episode from TVBD, you end up pulling just the plot synopsis/episode name, etc. - enough to complete an .nfo for the episode, but there is no image scraped to save as your -thumb. (Could be an early release of the episode, a thumb just never got uploaded to the TVDB site by someone, etc.) I migrated all my media to TMM from Ember Media Manager, just like a lot of us did, and in EMM, there was an option to generate your own thumb in this case, directly from the media file. Ember would pull up a little window where you had a slider bar to select a frame or spot in the media file, and you could simply hit save, and ember would save that frame from the video as the thumb for the episode. It was straightforward, simple, and built right into the program.

Is this something we could look at getting implemented in TMM? I have not been able to find any similar capability in TMM, so I've resorted to playing the file in VLC, taking screen snapshots, and then manually renaming those to videofile-thumb.ext
Yes, such feature might be implemented in not-so-near-future.
I'll put that on our TODO list Smile
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Any update on this feature as it would be useful for home movies as well
well I suppose that probably won't ever happen since there are more problems than benefit:

a) we would have to include dozens of MB native libs to enable decoding of video material (ffmpeg, ..)
b) I cannot say whether we are able to process DVD/BD images with that libs
c) this is definitely not the focus of tmm

having the points from above in mind I don't think we will ever include that feature
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Thanks for the update and appreciate the reply, that doing this feature does not seem to be worthwhile.
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