some scripts off center
hey folks,

I run my xbox at 1080i and I believe that my xbmc is the same. When I run some scripts they go off center to the right or to the extreme left.. it's quite strange. I'm trying to get xbmcmythtv to work to try it out, however, I'm finding that it off center to the right and the mythtv logo is getting cut off. Is there anything that I can do here? Oo


Not to sound smart... but do a search on the forums for 1080i. I am 99% certain you'll find numerous references saying the xbox just doesnt have the resources to pump XBMC properly/effectivelyat that resolution.

That being said, 99% of all scripters are not really going to shoot for anything above 720P.

In the case of that script, dive in with notepad and it shouldnt be too difficult to change the size of the image that is being displayed, just find the image name and look at the dimensions used and then its just a matter of trial and error Wink

Also, did you do the video adjust in settings to make certain its sized up for the screen your using?
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