[FEATURE REQ/BUG (!)] Frustration from filtration options being reset regularly
(2016-08-17, 10:44)AbRASiON Wrote: Well Ned is on board, it has some chance now.

That might be debatable. Depending on who you ask ;)
Why is Ned Scott Banned? I come back to my thread because I just noticed that this bug is still not looked at and I see poor Ned banned? He was one of the few moderators of this place who had the common sense to not take things personally, he was a good guy.

Can someone please tell me why this hasn't been picked up in a year?

...? ? ?
Ned, long story.
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Bug still not fixed or looked at. :/ I don't know what to do at this point?
Hi, 6 monthly check in, cmon y'all.
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[FEATURE REQ/BUG (!)] Frustration from filtration options being reset regularly00