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Solved Issue - No DXVA2 on w7 with jarvis
Hi guys,

I'm using kodi since more than three years now and I am very fond of it. I am using it on my old and faithful laptop from 2008 which has a crappy intel integrated mhd-4500 gfx. Until jarvis all the versions used DXVA2 and so it took the load of the cpu. Now I know since jarvis that DX11 is being used and since the mhd-4500 only supports DX9, that's probably the reason DXVA2 is not enabled anymore.
In the acceleration settings DXVA-HD is no longer available, only DXVA.
On the kodi site it says that
Quote:Developer afedchin has gone through the long and arduous process of updating Kodi to DirectX 11, which brings with it support for modern tools and modern graphics cards, while maintaining backwards compatibility with old DirectX 9 cards.
And in the comments Nathan says something like DXVA-HD is now called DXVA, so nothing changed.
But when I press "O" there it's no longer showing DXVA2 and the cpu load is way higher than with kodi 15.
Is there anything I can do, or do I need to buy some new hardware which I know is necessary, but with kodi 15.2 working flawlessly I don't want to.

Anyway thanks for everybody that's been working on Kodi as well as the people from the forum who are testing the new builds.
I get the same thing with my htpc running ASRock E350M1 fusion motherboard plus 4GB ram. The built-in graphics card supports DX11, and suns flawlessly on Windows 7 with Kodi 15.2, but since Kodi 16.x I can't get it to play anything without maxing out CPU. It seems it doesn't use DXVA2 like user zawaponga mentions.

Either something has to be fixed, or there needs to be a way to run in some kind of compatibility mode.
Do you have Platform Update for Windows 7 installed on your Win7?

edit: link is fixed
(2016-02-21, 22:58)afedchin Wrote: Do you have Platform Update for Windows 7 installed on your Win7?

edit: link is fixed

Been having problems with Windows Update (painfully slow checking for updates). Finally managed to install the platform update and that seemed to do the trick, at least for me. Thanks.
Thanks afedchin, that worked like a charm!! Just being curious, but why exactly does this update fix the issue?
Maybe the update has removed older nvida support, just use DSPlayer and have a huge grin on ur face as it plays and looks awesome. Madvr can run on a nvida 250 with awesome smoothness i tried on a mates antique PC earlier tonight Smile
The update installs supporting of d3d11 video acceleration

No DXVA2 on w7 with jarvis00