HAVA Wireless HD (Networked Digital Cable TV/HDTV Tuner) support?

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pete Offline
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http://www.snappymultimedia.com/index.php shows the very impressive hava networked TV tuner.

The drivers are constantly being developed and they are looking to move towards an open streaming method in the future.

unfortunately i dont have one of these boxes, however i was hoping someone would - xbmc support would mean i HAVE to get one Nod
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Livin Offline
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Already support for the HDHomeRun unit

HDHomeRun page

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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dailydisco Offline
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Affini Wrote:Already support for the HDHomeRun unit

HDHomeRun page

I agree that the HDHomeRun is great to support... I even attempted to contribute to the buy-elupus-an-HDHomeRun fund (the funds were returned to me after a month of not being picked up on PayPal... but this Hava unit is actually a little different... much more similar to being a SlingBox. I liked the idea of HDHomeRun, but since it is rather sketchy which HD services you will get over cable (very much a provider dependent thing), I opted against it.

I am getting one of these HAVA gold units (there are three types...the gold is $129... I don't need a PAL/NTSC tuner or wireless built-in so the other two aren't necessary).

The HAVA has a pass-through for composite, S-video and component (for HD) as well as IR blaster (two of them) for controller your cable/sat box and whatever else.

I don't personally require Xbox integration since my cable comes in next to my Xbox anyway... but this is a promising unit. Like the Sling Pro, it downconverts HD... but the HAVA uses MPEG2 and MPEG4 (for web casting).

I will let you know how it goes if there is any interest. I may even try to pick-up the broadcast back on my Xbox. If I can't figure it out, I would be willing to share with a developer one day if they want to implement. I also read in their forum something about adding VLC support...maybe that will help in the Linux implementation or something. Currently, the do use some kind of proprietary connection I think (they trick MCE into thinking it is a tuner in computer).

Anyway, this item seems to be different from the HDHomeRun and also could be worth exploring (nice price range too). There is a comparison to SlingBox on their website.

Device Features

Built-in hardware MPEG encoder
Simultaneously encode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4šadvanced simple profile
Dynamic bit rate and frame rate adjustment
Supports streaming from 128Kbps to 15Mbit
Base-band Audio/Video Inputs
Component Y-Pb-Pr mini-phone jack
A/V outputš mini-phone jack - Composite and Left/Right Audio
Auxiliary audio min-phone jack
Pass-through Outputs. Pass-through A/V outputs for ease of connection to a TV or other video equipment:
Component Y-Pb-Pr mini-phone jack
A/V outputš mini-phone jack - Composite and Left/Right Audio
IR Blaster output
Power — 9V DC 1 Amp
RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 connector for Wired or Wireless Router

PC Client

Driver on the PC represents the HAVA device as "Virtual" WDM TV Tuner device, fully compatible with Windows Media Center
Setup configures HAVA over the Ethernet
PVR Application
HAVA is compatible and can be used with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition or any other MCE compatible PVR application
Monsoon HAVA PC Client is provided for non-MCE configurations.
PC Client Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP (Home, Pro or MCE) or Vista
System RAM: 512MB
Storage: 1GB
CPU: Pentium IV, 1.2GHz
10/100 Ethernet equipped PC
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pete Offline
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well ive just ordered one of these boxes so could do any testing etc if anyone is willing to try and get it working??
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no dvb tuner built in means i'm not interested :/

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