Will the weather screensaver "burn in" the screen
In the "old days" you needed a screen saver because the phosphors on the CRT would "burn in" and leave a residual screen image.

Hardware: RaspberryPi2 piggybacked to RaspberryPi official 7" touch screen running Raspian-Jesse + Kodi [both current update/upgrade]:

Is that still the case with the Yahoo Weather screen saver I have setup on my re-Touched Kodi skin?
If no - question resolved
If yes/maybe - then how can I set re-Touched to go to a blank screen, but pop to an updated Yahoo Weather when I touch my RaspberryPi official touch screen?
Thanks - Jim
System Stats:
RPi 2B, 8gb SD, Reformatted for this new install.
LibreELEC (official) v 8.0.2 [kernel: Linux 4.9.29]
from NOOBS v2.4.2 on 7/19/17
Official RPi foundation 7" touchscreen
Kodi 17.3; Skin = Estouchy
The Pi connects USB wireless to Home WiFi EA4500 router
Home network: Netgear 104 9TB NAS as \\storage\
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Will the weather screensaver "burn in" the screen00