How to setup repeating timers (epg based) in Jarvis?
nvm, had not seen that you posted in the vdr vnsi subforum. This add-on should support recurring epg based timers, afaik. No idea why this does not work for you. But I do know almost nothing about vdr vnsi, thus can't help.
But I'm interested why you don't get an error box when selecting add timer in the epg window. Can you provide a Kodi log?
First time I'm uploading a log. Hope I made no mistake.
I installed Kodi Logfile Uploader addon. rebootet and selected "Add Timer" in the EPG grid.

Kodi Logfile Uploader says the URL is:
The log indicates that the add-on does not supply any timer type for epg based recurring timers. At least it seems so at the first glance.

Although this does not solve your problem, your feedback helped a lot. I will add an error box for this case, so the user at least knows that something is wrong. This is way better than just doing nothing, like it is now.
Submitted for pvr.vdr.vnsi pvr addon to fix the not appearing "EPG search timer".
Submitted for adding a meaningful error box in case no timer could be added because addon actually does not supporting a suitable timer type.
ksooo, thank you for looking into it. Any clue why this occurs?
I am still not quite clear about the depedencies, so besides from upgrading the OS and kodi I kept my vdr 2.2.0 backend as this seems the latest version that is supported by official ubunto repo.
Maybe I need to upgrade to vdr 2.3.1?
(2016-09-05, 14:24)Spirou Wrote: ksooo, thank for looking into it. Any clue why this occurs?


For one it's a small bug in the current vdr vnsi pvr add-on. I have submitted a bug fix and once it got merged to the add-on code base this part of the problem should be fixed once you install the fixed add-on version.

OTOH, you will for sure need to install the "right" vdr version. But as I'm not a vdr user I cannot help here.
Reading back in this thread, there is clearly written that you need vdr 2.3.x
This is correct. There are quite a few changes in VDR's API from 2.2. to 2.3. and I don't implement new features on the old API. That would result in a nightmare of ifdefs in the code.
Ok, so I started compiling vdr 2.3.1 myself as there don't seem to be many repos out there that already have vdr 2.3.1

However, i am still reluctant to use it since it seems to break with some of my favorite plugins, e.g. streamdev or live which I'd use to schedule recordings when travelling,

I think many users would feel more comfortable using a vdr release that can be installed from a trusted repo. I used to install from yavdr repo but htey still only support vdr 2.2.0. Even - which I believed to be the home of vdr - mentions vdr 2.2.0 as the latest release.
For streamdev you will find patches on the vdr forum. For live sadly not. Live is the reason why i have not updated yet to 2.3.1.
So, eventually I managed to upgrade from vdr 2.2.0 to 2.3.1 keeping most of my setup intact. Quite a piece of work since most of the documents on the web regarding vdr are pretty outdated and none of the well known repositories seems to provide a ppa for vdr 2.3.1. Thus, it requires some tweaks to get vdr 2.3.1 running as smoothly as vdr 2.2.0 did.

What I found: From the EPG grid I still get no response when choosing an epg item/title and selecting "add timer" from the context menu. I would have expected that this would get directly into a form where the name of title would be preselected for the recording.
In the timer window I can select "add timer" and this gives me two new options for type: Search EPG, and VPS.
When choosing "Search EPG" I am not sure if this will record any matching titel in a recurring fashion or if this will make VDR record only at its first occurence.

Furthermore, I noticed, that when a recording has finished KODI will display a notification "deleting timer xy" or similar. However, the name of the timer is not that of the completed timer but that of another, still active timer. I can confirm though, that the active timer is not removed from the timer list.

Two more points: When I wanted to stop a recording I used to go back to EPG grid, selected the title and then chose "Stop ecording" from the context menu. This isn't available any more. I now have to stop the recording from the main timer window.
Second, when trying to change VNSI server settings under client specific settings in TV section I noticed that VNSI server is using a different chraracter set than VDR and does not display sepcial characters correctly (while VDR OSD does).
(2016-09-11, 00:38)Spirou Wrote: From the EPG grid I still get no response when choosing an epg item/title and selecting "add timer" from the context menu.

What version of pvr.vdr.vnsi are you using? You need at least 2.6.5
Just checked. I have 2.6.4. I am using Jarvis beta 1 form the unstable ppa. How can I get the updated addon?
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