KOver 2 : Customizable [Kodi 17]
I cannot install the github version (install from zip) on Krypton alpha 2 / alpha 3 or latest nightly (08.08.2016):

Failed to install Addon...
The dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.11.0 could not be satisfied.

Anything i'm doing wrong here?
Kodi Krypton
macOS Sierra 10.12
Mac mini (late 2012)
Look two posts above.

Krypton version is not functional and project will not see any updates - at least for the moment. You can use KOver with Kodi 16 Jarvis. If you already switched to Kodi 17 Krypton you will have to look for some other skin.
Yesterday I switched to Kodi 17 and tried to install Kover2, which did not work, which is clear according to this thread.
I just wanted to say, that I'm really sad that you currently have no time to make the needed changes to run Kover2 on Kodi 17, but I can imagine that it's a hell lot of work.
But just that you know. I find your skin brilliant (althought I only use your standard classical prebuilt layout which is in my oppinion the perfect skin for Kodi) and as there is currently no Kover for Kodi17 I already downgraded my Kodi Smile
Hi, Is there a way to save the ViewType using EXODUS in Kodi 17.0 Krypton?

Everytime I change it to lets say: WALL it goes right back to the WIDELIST as soon as I exit that menu.
Hi Jayz2K, just wanted to give you some good feedback. Love your skin... Really hope we haven't seen the last of it, and it moves to Krypton.

I'm still using KOver as a daily basis (the Jarvis version).
It would be so sad not to see reKOver come to life, after having seen the preview of it!
I hope you can find time and willingness to come back to this project...
KOver is the only reason why I kept one of my devices on Jarvis. Even if reKOver doesn't get completed, the concept and execution of KOver was ahead of its time.
[Image: widget]
so any chance to install this as i am getting compatiblity issues during install. thx
Any news for this working with current Krypton? Would love to check it out.
Alas, no news from the dev. It seems he's not coming back.. at least I couldn't get any news from him, sadly.
That's the reason why I'm still with Jarvis.
does it work on Kodi 17.6?
Unfortunately not, only Kodi 16. That's why I never migrated to Krypton..
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