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Radio Streams intermittent playback
Hi there -

Don't see many topics on the use of Radio channels - hope somebody is reading Smile

I am using the VU+ plugin with Kodi 15.2 on a Windows 10 PC.

No issues of any sorts with the TV side, however, the "Radio" functionality (added to the Music tab in Kodi) poses a small problem. It plays and pauses the audio stream in almost evenly spaced patterns - play for 3-5 secs, pause for a few, play for 3-5 secs, pause, etc.

To make matters more interesting, audio playback is fine (uninterrupted) when issue a Record command to the E2 box - as long as E2 box records the audio channel, playback on the Kodi side is fine.

Any idea where to start troubleshooting this?
Hello i have the same Problem
Live TV ist working well. Thats the reason why i think my network ist pretty well because of higher bandwith when watching TV.
Only Radio stocks as told above in the threat before.
Iḿ using Linux Mint 18 (Kodi Version: 15.2)
Vu+/Enigma Client is Version 1.10.7


Hallo ich habe das selbe Problem.
Live TV funktioniert grandios. Daher denke ich das das Netzwerk nicht schuld ist im Sinne von Übetragungsrate.
Nur Radio stockt und stottert.

Ich nutze Kodi unter Linux Mint 18 (Kodi Version: 15.2)

Vu+/Enigma Client ist Version 1.10.7

Mein Receiver ein Vu+ Duo2

Wäre toll wenn jemand Rat wüsste........

Radio Streams intermittent playback00