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peppe_sr Offline
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i made this post in the youtube addon thread too, but maybe it is an issue from the skin side.
so i report here.
i think it is related to krypton.
thanks for reading.
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gadjou Offline
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I'm using Kodi to watch iptv. Since I have 100 channels, I use to navigate through the channel list with "page up" and "page down" (actually "ch up" and "ch down" my tv remote).
However, since kody 17, some channel names and descriptions are overwritten by other pvr information, which make it almost impossible to read.

See the example bellow:
When I open the channel list, I can see channel 1 to 10
[Image: 117wco3.png]

If I push page down, it will display channels 11 to 22, but I cant read the information for channels 11 and 22 because they are overwritten by some other text.
[Image: w8n86f.png]

The same will happen for channels 23 and 34, and so on. It make very difficult to seek for the right channel.

Kody 17 with default skin estuary, osmc on raspberry pi 2, tvheadend as iptv server.
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darksky Offline
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This is a reproduction of my post here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=316425

My media is played from a network-attached-storage server (NAS) that puts its hard drives to sleep after a period of inactivity. When this happens, trying to play a file gives the impression that the NAS is unavailable while the drives come back up. This process probably takes 20 to 30 seconds. In Kodi 16.1 (I used Aeon Nox 5 skin), I would get a popup informing me that the file was unavailable and asking me whether I wanted to remove the movie from the Kodi library (yes/no). I would just select NO, then try the play the movie again. By this time, the NAS drives would be back up, and the movie would play without trouble.

Now I've updated to Kodi 17.3, with Estuary. Faced with the same lag in NAS response, the skin will popup a similar error message about the file being unavailable. It doesn't ask me whether to remove the movie from the library though; there is just an OK button. Problem is, once I click that button, any marker that was attached to the file is lost. In other words, if I had stopped watching the movie in the middle, my place is lost. I think it would make most sense to give the user choices as to how to handle the situation: perhaps "Retry | Remove from Library | Cancel"
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AdeAV Offline
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Cannot remove Recently added from the Home Screen, using the Library Node Editor the Category is Deleted but still appears on the Home Screen
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darksky Offline
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Kodi 17.3 on Android 5.1 streaming box

The weather widget doesn't offer any way to update to get a current reading. Whatever is loaded when the widget is first accessed remains for hours (possibly until shutdown). This can lead to very outdated information (weather conditions midday are often very different from those early morning; see this post for details: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=316655)

It would make sense to do one or both of these:
> add a setting in "Service Settings >> Weather" that determines how often new data is fetched (eg: every 60 minutes)
> add a button to "refresh data" on the details page that opens when the user clicks "Weather" on home menu
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mikeb8591 Offline
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I've noticed some issues that seem to have been around awhile.

This is in tv->recordings

[Image: screenshot002.png]

note all the text lines are too long, and the time overlaps the episode summary. In the highlighted area, note the focus bar extends into the description area as well.

In the list of recordings:

[Image: screenshot001.png]

note the text in the highlighted areas. If a pageup or page down is done, the same series name will occupy the other 'hard to read' spot. (so if I paged down at this point, the bottom entry 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' would be the series behind the 'TV / Recordings' heading.) In addition, if there was a focus bar on this page, you would see that it also extended across the vertical divide on the page.

I see this both on Kodi 18 daily builds for both RPI2 and Win.
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Blackkatt Offline
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"My rating" is lost if you refresh a series =(

The Problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
Do you understand?
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Guilouz Offline
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(2017-06-30 16:38)Blackkatt Wrote:  Hi,

"My rating" is lost if you refresh a series =(

It's normal, it's not a skin issue, if you refresh a tv show, you re-scrap all info.
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edit4ever Offline
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Posted in main Estuary forum - but realized this was a bug - so adding here.

It seems that the channel number used in Estuary live tv screen is too large when the number is bigger than 3 digits. In the screenshot below - the channel number is 39.20 - but it is cutoff.

[Image: dmTV7qU.jpg]

If the decision is to keep the larger fonts - can the size of the display area be enlarged to accomodate 4 or 5 digits so they don't get cutoff?

Current Kodi addon projects: zap2xml, sd4tvh and tvh2kodi (tvh config from inside Kodi)
Testing ATSC single and dual tuners on RPi3, KII Pro and M8S
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scott967 Offline
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Estuary 2.0.3 / Kodi 18 0809 nightly

I experience a layout problem in music window, widelist viewmode (Fixed list 55) when Container.Content is albums.. Musicbrainz classical music style standard for album artist can be a long string such as Composer; Orchestra, Conductor. When this is displayed in the list, the album artist is loaded from listItem.label2 and due to the length of the string, overlays the album title (listItem.label). This is true both in layout and focusedlayout.

scott s.
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