Problems with Albumartist and mbid tags (Why is Kodi so unpredictable....)
(2016-02-28, 21:31)oyvindo Wrote: I am aware that The ID2/ID3/APE meta-tags are not 100% well defined as far as tags go, but I have used a large number of other programs to read my library without having these kinds of problems that I have with Kodi. Even though the tagging may not have been totally consistent all the time, most programs will let you "see" how the interpretation is done so that you can easily drill down and find the reason for the discrepancies and correct it. But as long as I do not know what causes this, I'm in the blind.
I am reluctant to let any program "automatically" clean my library. I have used over 10 years to collect, archive and tag more than 250.000 tracks and I hate to see everything go down the drain in the blink of an eye. (Yes I do have backup, but still). I have yet to find any online source that has a tidier tagging than mine, including both Spotiy and Discogs. Their libraries are huge, yes - much larger than mine, but their tagging is not very clean and consistent, and often full of typos.

Could you explain why Musicbrainz can be trusted?

I'll be honest, Musicbrainz is a pain in the ass. I only recommended it because that is what I had used. The only advantage musicbrainz had vs. my own tagging was the fact that it wiped hidden tags I did not know were there. I definitely agree that I have used many other programs as well, but I would assume that these programs(at least the ones I used) probably defaulted to id3v2 for reading/writing when there was an id3v1 tag that I could not see UNTIL kodi. I agree that kodi is a one of a kind when it comes to music(to put it nicely), but it wasn't until I had these issues that I looked into it further and found out what I did. I would say try it on an artist or 2 that you have an issue with and let us know! It might be your fix! Wink
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