Problems with Albumartist and mbid tags (Why is Kodi so unpredictable....)
(2016-02-28, 21:31)oyvindo Wrote: Even though the tagging may not have been totally consistent all the time, most programs will let you "see" how the interpretation is done so that you can easily drill down and find the reason for the discrepancies and correct it. But as long as I do not know what causes this, I'm in the blind.

I'm looking to improve the music library side of Kodi, and since tagging problems is one of the things that detracts from the joy of using it, I am interested in how you think Kodi could let you see better any discrepencies? What would the process be from a user view point?

Quote:I am reluctant to let any program "automatically" clean my library. I have used over 10 years to collect, archive and tag more than 250.000 tracks and I hate to see everything go down the drain in the blink of an eye. (Yes I do have backup, but still). ...

Could you explain why Musicbrainz can be trusted?

Let's be clear Kodi does not modify your music files in any way. There is a clean library function that tidys-up the library after you have removed things by removing music sources. Rescanning tags, and then rescraping extra info can take a while on a large library, and any choices for artwork you have made would have to be repeated, but your music collection itself can not be harmed by Kodi.

The library can be extended with artist and album info scraped from external databases. Mostly this is data not in music tags anyway e.g. artist biography or instruments, album review or theme and fan art etc. Musicbrainz website is one source of such information, data quality varies with the contributor like all the other sources.

Separately but related, Musicbrainz have a system of unique ids for artists and their work. Sometimes name alone is not enough to identify an artist or even an album or track, here having a unique Id available is very useful. Music files can be tagged with these Ids, and if they are then Kodi will use them. For example I have tagged my music by the two "John Williams", one conductor the other a guitar player, with their mbids and so I see them as separate artists with the correct artwork etc. Kodi will also use mbids to idenitfy artists and albums if you choose to scrape extra info, e.g. I don't get the guitarist biog for the Star Wars theme composer.

So it can be useful to have mbid tags even if you do not want to scrape extra info from their site. But when Musicbrainz integration was first implemented in Kodi, the impact of mbids on the library did upset some users (and still does). If these tags are inconsistent, or users change other tags and don't realise that they are there it can cause odd behaviour in the library. When it works it is great, but when it goes wrong it can be confusing.

Happy to work with you an try and make Kodi's behavoiur less mysterious.
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