Problems with Albumartist and mbid tags (Why is Kodi so unpredictable....)
(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: How big is your MyMusic52.db file? I repeat my offer to examine this and try to gain insight to the nature of why Kodi music library seems to behave so oddly for you.
Jesus - I need to send you flowers. Please don't go away now that I've found you! Blush
MyMusic52.db is 89Mb (I do not expect you to waste your time examining it. Instead I used Mp3Tag to analyze my BeeGees collection, and you were right - several tracks do contain MusicBrainz info. So I cleared everything out and now I've updated my library (using file manager). How do I ask Kodi to update changes only? (Rescanning the whole library each time take too much time).

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: The slowness of songs node on big libraries is a known problem. If you have a big library Kodi offers other efficient ways to access/browse your music. Approach Genre->artist->album->song, or create smart playlists or custom nodes using data based rules. I have used the genre tag extensively on my music collection to categorise my music is ways useful to me.
I agree. I tried to find the Genre->artist->album->song path, but this doesn't exist in my Confluence skin (I guess this is some custom path you built, right?)

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: Well a new default skin for v17 onwards is about to be released called Estuary (Confuence will still be available through the repo). Perhaps it better to save your comments for that?
17? I haven't even been able to move to 16 yet Tongue

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: If you mean completely manual with a local image, not selected from an online database, then you need to create an NFO file in the correct foler and the scrape from local. Otherwise you can scrape all artists/albums or just chosen ones.
I trust this is explained in more detail somewhere in the Wiki...
How do I scrape individual items and not the whole library? I haven't been able to figure that one out...

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: Yes Kodi can do that now.
Now? What do you mean? Version 17?

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: Strictly without scraping nothing gets removed, altered or replaced.
How do I turn off scraping altogether?

(2016-02-29, 19:44)DaveBlake Wrote: Would like to see that tagging (a screen shot or 2 from Picard?), and the MyMusic52.db could be revealing.
I'll try to see if my attempt to clean BeeGees helped, and clear and rescan the whole library once I can figure out how to turn off all scraping.
Thanks for your help so far.
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