Problems with Albumartist and mbid tags (Why is Kodi so unpredictable....)
(2016-03-01, 12:07)DaveBlake Wrote: Actually I am off for a few days so there may be a delay in replies or they will be brief......
Thanks for letting me know...

(2016-03-01, 12:07)DaveBlake Wrote: But unless you clean the library, (from system-settings) too you many still end up with extra Bee Gees left from before....
I assume that you have added all your music as one source.
Yes, all is one source. I cleaned the library, replaced the whole BeeGees folder with the new one (cleaned by Mp3Tag), and rescanned (updated) the whole library with all scrapers turned off.
This is what I got when i searched for "gees":

I have 13 albums in my library folder named "The Bee Gees". In the above screenshot, only two (2) of them are included. The rest is gone. How can that be explained?

(2016-03-01, 12:07)DaveBlake Wrote: I assume that you have gasped the difference between scanning tag data to make library, and scraping extra info from online sources or local nfo files.
Yes, I understand the difference between scanning and scraping. And no, my library does not contain any nfo files. In fact, my library only contains mp3 files. Nothing else.

New Question:
I have tried a number of different "webinterfaces" with Kodi, and they are all more or less great for the purpose they've been written to serve. But I have yet to find one that offers what I am looking for. Let me explain:
I'm in my office right now, remotely connected to my Kodi server (NAS). The primary output device for Kodi is my television back home. So how do you think I managed to make the above screencapture from this remote location??
Well, I didn't. It cannot be done unless I find a webinterface that will allow me to see exactly the same thing in a browser that I see on my television.
This is a feature that I really miss. Do you know if a solution exist?
(2016-02-29, 20:47)oyvindo Wrote: Instead I used Mp3Tag to analyze my BeeGees collection, and you were right - several tracks do contain MusicBrainz info.

You're welcome Wink
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