Release Background & Icon Packs - now available in the Official Repo
Background & Icon Packs as Add-ons.

since Kodi 16 (Jarvis), new type of addon has been added to the addon manager: resource.images
it means that you can download images packs, via the addon manager, and they will be available as any other addons in kodi. (inside your addons folder).
more and more skinners are starting to use this feature, for example for letting the user to choose their weather icons\backgrounds, their studio flags, and much more.
I wanted to share with you some of those great packages, created by a talented woman named Orna, and packed into add ons by Benny.

How To Install?
you can install them directly from Kodi. just navigate to:
System - Add-ons - Install From Repository - Kodi Add-on Repository - Look and Feel - Image Collections

OK, I installed, what now?
now you can use the images, like any other images from your local pc.
they are located in your "addons" folder
for windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\Addons\resource.images.XXX\resources
for android: /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/Addons/resource.images.XXX\resources
replace the "XXX" part with the id of the package you installed.
you can assign the pictures as your skin backgrounds, or skin icons etc...

Here are some samples for preview only, please download them from the repo
Preview For Skin Backgrounds:

name: Skin Backgrounds - Diamond Design
id: resource.images.skinbackgrounds.diamond
watch gallery

name: Skin Backgrounds - Clear Design
id: resource.images.skinbackgrounds.clear
watch gallery

name: Skin Backgrounds - ZigZag Design
id: resource.images.skinbackgrounds.zigzag
watch gallery

name: Skin Backgrounds - Wall Square
id: resource.images.skinbackgrounds.wallsquare
watch gallery

name: Skin Backgrounds - Phenominence Design
id: resource.images.skinbackgrounds.phenominence
watch gallery

Preview For Skin Icons:

name: Skin Icons - Boss Design
id: resource.images.skinicons.boss
watch gallery

name: Skin Icons - CD Design
watch gallery

name: Skin Icons - Ring Design
id: resource.images.skinicons.ring
watch gallery

name: Skin Icons - Skyrim Design
id: resource.images.skinicons.skyrim
watch gallery

name: Skin Icons - Squares
id: resource.images.skinicons.squares
watch gallery

What about Automation?
As the owner of "Phenomenal" Skin, I've added a feature to change the default skin menus, with a single click.
you can see a short demo in this youtube video:
this feature will be available in version 2.7.1 of the skin (very soon)
I really hope that other skinner will use this feature as well.

Orna Post, Benny Buchnik, @ronie, @BobCratchett
Enjoy Cool
Phenomenal™ Skin • ForumWebsiteGitHub
Waiting and looking forward for your next version (2.7.1) - this feature will be great!
Thank you for all the support and your time you spent to assist! You are the best!
This is something that i've been waiting for....thank you Wink
That's very interesting and original feature Smile
Kodi 16.1 Javris on Android, any skin background addon I try to install it's failing. Any clue?
Noticed a couple typo's with the naming of some backgrounds.

  • setings.jpg should be settings.jpg

resource.images.skinbackgrounds.phenominence & resource.images.skinbackgrounds.wallsquare & resource.images.skinbackgrounds.zigzag
  • filesmanager.jpg should be filemanager.jpg (or the other packs should be changed to filesmanager)
I installed these on my nvidia shield tv but can't find the path to use them. Do you know where they are?[/align]
OK, maybe I'm dense, but don't get this.  

First, these aren't just a folder of images, they're structured in a Textures.xbt file?  So how would you set a background image to an image in one of these collections?

Second, when browsing a path, I have no access to anything within the invisible ".kodi" folder.  Is there some way to make that a source?

I'm using Aeon Nox Silvo.  There's an option to set a path to the video & music genre fanart folder… but as above, can't navigate to it.  ×
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