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(2016-03-10, 04:34)wrxtasy Wrote: WeTek Hub vs Core:

As already mentioned the Core has a S/PDIF Optical and A/V port that is missing from the Hub, one more usb2 port as well.

Now has anyone spotted the tiny Elephant in the room yet, one that eats cheese ? Eek
I'm talking about the excellent, super responsive, RF/IR Wireless Air Mouse that the Core comes packaged with. I'm not sure how Hub and Play2 users are going to go navigating about various Android Tablet Apps like a Web Browser with just an D-Pad IR remote control.

WeTek how do you plan to address this, what do you have up your sleeve ?

We didn't, but you did. Cool Excellent point on the remote wrxtasy. WeTek seems to be trying to market everything as all in one, one stop shop. So killer hardware plus sucky remote equals horrible user experience. Sure you can add your own remote on, but then if you want to remap keys, it's more work than it just working out of the box. And more cost.

Can the UI be changed to be more D-Pad friendly? Don't know, but may be possible. But more development work I would think.

Maybe, (hopefully) they offer to sell the great air mouse remote separately? Or rethink this angle completely? Like a pick which remote you want to buy type deal cause if you know you're going third party, you don't need the better remote. But if you want it to just work out of the box, get their remote designed to work with it.

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