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(2016-04-22, 22:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Before I go into first impressions I need to talk about AMLogic Frame Rate Automation, to playback 23.976/29.97/59.94fps (Fractional Frame Rates) with proper video sync. Frame Rate Automation on AML devices works by manipulating the HDMI video clock(s) to produce smooth video playback, ideal for TV's that have Cinema Drive or some sort of 24p Movie mode.

In the Hub's AML S905 Kernel and in Android settings for Automatic Refresh Rate selection you now have 3 Levels available:

Level 1) = the normal auto refresh rate switching + Frame Rate Automation, which Wetek (Kodi) Jarvis Mediaplayer uses.

Level 2) = full automatic Android Global Refresh Switching + Frame Rate Automation.
This operates no matter what App you are using, even with DRM video streaming Apps like Netflix. It seamlessly switches between a GUI of 60Hz to 24p for 23.976fps Movies and 50Hz for 25fps content like the BBC's Doctor Who for smooth video sync.
I personally really really like this awesome video sync feature Smile

Off) = self explanatory.

Testing, of a Hub, bare pre-production board, ethernet connected home Network:

- running the regular Android 5.1.1. There are a bunch of modded Android TV Apps now available for easier D-Pad remote control navigation as well.

- Revision C of the AML S905 for 8/10-bit 1080p/2160p video playback. No video Artifacts when HEVC decoding of 2160p (DVB-S) Satellite test clips as seen with other S905's on the market.

- the regular Google Play Netflix plays in HD and ramps up to 1080p reasonably quickly. 24p video sync is very good when using Level 2 Auto Refresh Switching. Properly synced 25fps Doctor Who is far better than the juddering mess I usually see. Still 2.0 Audio only.

- numerous Android TV Apps like TED and YouTube also work as above with nicely synced video playback.

- Kodi / WeTek Jarvis mediaplayer video playback gives no black screens when switching to 23.976/29.97/59.94fps video output Modes, like I currently see on other S905 Hardware when Frame Rate Automation (Level 1) is enabled. Indicating modification work has been done to the regular AML S905 Kernel by WeTek. Excellent work ! Smile

- Deinterlacing video quality of mpeg2/H264 576/1080i broadcast TV really is damn good ! Smile

- 5.1 AC3 / DTS passthrough works. Unable to test HD Audio passthrough due to no AVR. All the HD Audio options are present in WeTek Jarvis's mediaplayer settings indicating 7.1 HD Audio Passthrough performance should be no different to the WeTek Core. I would expect Multichannel PCM Audio output to also work.

- WiFi spoofing of an Ethernet only Internet connection, works well for troublesome WiFi only Apps.

- Amcodec - 2160p/4K playback and Auto Refresh Switching from a 1080p Kodi GUI is still a WIP. Due to scaling bugs within Kodi Jarvis AML code itself. The picture displays in the Top Left 1/4 of the TV screen only.
You can run the Android / Kodi GUI in 2160p @60Hz and then playback 2160p clips in full resolution and with nice dynamic video sync. Android Mediacodec(S) acceleration downscales 2160p to 1080p.
I see the exact same 4K video scaling issues on other S905 Hardware running (unmodified) Kodi Jarvis, such as running LibreELEC on the C2.

- Interlaced - Music Concert / Doco - DVD ISO Rips will cause playback issues as they do on all AML platforms.
DVD ISO Movie rips with no Interlacing play fine.
Also 29.97fps VC-1 video content plays back with its usual slight judder. 23.976fps VC-1 is fine.
H264 Hi10P Anime will not decode properly as its not supported by AMLogic for Hardware decoding.

- is PlayReady DRM video streaming. I need to work out which Apps use PR.
Also untested is the IR remote for the retail Hub yet, which will be critical to see how easy it is to use, particularly whatever Air Mouse function is implemented. Dual Band B/G/N/AC WiFi untested.

Wrap Up:
- the Hub uses the same custom WeTek Android GUI launcher the Core, plus has with some small tweaks to make it even easier to use and configure. Its slick and snappy. There is a bunch of user configurable options under the Launcher hood.
The Kernel looks pretty stable as is. GigaE Ethernet speed on the AML S905 Hub is noticeable quicker than any AML S8xx device I have. HDMI CEC works well. Smile

I would like to see a Air Mouse - Keyboard - Remote Control sold separately and Aus/NZ Power Pack adapters included.
Disappointingly, just like it is on the the Core, the Power Cord is again too short. Sad
This is especially important if you want to Mount the Hub behind a TV, that is then mounted on a wall.
Please rectify Wetek if you have not done so already !

The Hub's already packing quite a punch in a mini Ant Man package, Bring on Dual Boot and OpenELEC next Smile

Thank you so much wrxtasy Wink

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