WeTek Play2 - 4K PVR - HD Audio - Dual Boot - Specs & Reviews
As already mentioned in previous posts, I've been testing a private Android TV OS ROM (v1.0) by Mr @ricardopvz on the Play2 the last few days and its already looking pretty polished.
Its running WeTek's Android Lollipop 5.1.1 DRM capable Firmware underneath the Android TV OS Leanback launcher, so you still keep most of WeTek's nice custom Apps like VNC server, FTP server, Network Mounter, User adjustable individual App refresh switching....

Some of the Live (TV) Channels features (eg Timeshift) has been backported from Android Marshmallow I believe.

What I've tested and works:
  • HDCP Keys, Widevine Level1 and Microsoft Playready DRM remains intact
  • ATV OS Play Store
  • Play2's internal DVB Tuner
  • WeTV App with no Lip Sync issues. Official regular - WeTek Android Lollipop & WeTV still has issues.
  • Live (TV) Channels, with Grid Style EPG & working Timeshift - uses the WeTV App Tuner backend.
  • Quicklaunch into Live Channels from a dedicated remote control button.
  • Excellent hardware deinterlacing of all mpeg2 / H264 / 29.97 / 25 / 50fps TV streams.
  • Full Automatic - Android (Level 2), system wide, dynamic Refresh Rate switching. Eg smooth 24p 1080p Netflix playback + other Apps
  • 5.1 AC3 Audio Passthrough in Live Channels and WeTek Media Player (Jarvis) App (HD audio untested yet, should work fine)
  • Smooth video playback for all 23.976 / 29.97 / 59.94fps video content in WMP.
  • Handy Sideload / Launcher for regular Lollipop Apps added.
  • Dual Boot Android TV OS / LibreELEC Kodi works
  • Pretty much Idiot proof Reflashing and updating of the ROM to internal eMMC storage, very easy ! Smile
  • No voice search available yet, testing with the WeTek Core's remote currently - hopefully a minor tweak. Fixed ! 14 Oct. Smile
  • Google Play Movies & TV shows will only be available in SD as the Play2 is NOT an Officially Licenced Google Android TV OS device.
  • Likely a few more ATV OS subtleties I have not discovered or do not know about yet.

Changlog.... ATV ROM (v1.1) - updated 29th Oct

Additions I've noticed:
  • Google Play Music Added
  • Google Play Movies & TV now says "Watch in HD on this device" as does the majority of TV Shows (but newly released content may have restrictions)
  • The Power Button icon at the bottom of the ATV Home screen.
  • A new ROM Settings - to start an App automatically on bootup.
  • Improved Voice search in Apps
Untested (yet):
  • a TvHeadend server running in Android.
  • this server can either be used with the normal Kodi TvHeadend Addon Client or the ATV - Live Channels TvHeadend Beta App
This really is an excellent, flexible ATV OS ROM now ! Smile

Be aware WeTek have nothing to do with this user compiled ROM, that is based on freely available Android Open Source Code.

Its simply that a talented Android developer, Mr @ricardopvz has gotten interested enough in this DVB capable Play2 to produce his own Android TV OS ROM to layer on top of WeTek's existing 1080p DRM capable Firmware.

This is a very healthy thing and I suspect was part of WeTek's planning all along when they decided to package a Serial cable and OS server tools, with easy remote Telnet access into the Play2 to help the developer community out.

Not sure when this ATV OS ROM will be out in the Wild. Pretty soon I would think. Smile


Oh, and one more thing, 5.1 Audio passthrough now works for smooth 24p HD Netflix Smile



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