WeTek Play2 - 4K PVR - HD Audio - Dual Boot - Specs & Reviews
(2016-10-15, 23:28)MicMac Wrote:
(2016-10-15, 18:26)tredman Wrote:
(2016-10-15, 18:01)MicMac Wrote: Hey @wrxtasy, can you answer a few questions about the Android tv rom?

Do the power options at the bottom of the launcher work (sleep, shutdown etc...)?

What apps are under YouTube and weather live in your last pic? I thought the leanback launcher only had 2 rows by default? Is it a custom row?
Looks like games below the apps as a separate section, it's the same on the shield, but with the games section above the apps.
That's true @tredman, but the leanback launcher on the Shield has a header above each section (shield hub, games and apps). There doesn't appear to be a header above the row of apps or games from @wrxtasy's pic.

I really hope the power menu at the bottom of the launcher works.
That power at the bottom doesn't exist, but it is not hard to make. I can actually put whatever I want in there.
I just never felt the need to make it since almost every remote has a Power button which is easier to press and faster than navigating to the bottom.

(2016-10-17, 20:21)zbigzbig20 Wrote: Would be nice to wetek release new ota 1.4 in this week with fixed few things from prevous releases and then Ricardo can use it as base for his android tv build :-)

I will rebase my ROM every time WeTek releases an update as this is my daily driver and I don't wanna miss new features/bug fixes.

(2016-10-17, 20:50)zival Wrote: Any chance to see this porting on hub as well?

Not right now as I don't have a Hub to develop on. Maybe in the near future, we'll have to see.

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