WeTek Play2 - 4K PVR - HD Audio - Dual Boot - Specs & Reviews
(2017-02-22, 12:44)wrxtasy Wrote: Be aware of limitations before you start:

The Play2 uses a Single Tuner only. Its really only for casual TV use only because if something is recording and you want to watch a TV channel that is on another MUX its going to be impossible.....

Ok, but anyway I suppose that while recording a program using WP2 through its single tuner, I can see another one using the TV Tuners (obviously if a antenna cable is connected from WP2-out to TV....

(2017-02-22, 12:44)wrxtasy Wrote: ... Then you also have Android to deal with. I'm not a fan of WeTek's new Android (Main Screen) Launcher either. Its too complicated for its own good.
Me too, I replace it with the old one, simpler and more accepted by family components...

(2017-02-22, 12:44)wrxtasy Wrote: ....Reliable 5.1 Netflix comes with Android Marshmallow.
Yes, I've red about it, and this is one of the reason to move from Core to WP2, because seems that Core cannot be upgraded to Marshmallow in the future due to processor limitation. Is it true?

(2017-02-22, 12:44)wrxtasy Wrote: You can then setup recording to your NAS. Android just comes with to many limitations once you talk about Networking and external recordings.
Ok, so I could setup the recording storage to my NAS, but...how? May I configure a folder using the Wetek NET Mounter App (and the using it inside WETV) or directly configuring inside Librelec (through TvHeadend)?


P.S. I asked to Wetek why the Core is not anymore available in their Shop. They answer me the is not foreseen to made it available in the next future! Does it mean that it will be retired from the market due to processor limitation (e.g. not possible to upgrade to Marshmallow)? Or simply is a supply chain/production temporary issue? What do you think about?

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