Req PVR Client Addon for Android's native TIF (TV Input Framework)?
Appently from Android 5.0 (API level 21) the OS have an integrated TV Input Framework (TIF) with built-in tuner input support, including support for USB TV-tuners.

Wondering if it would be possible (and a good idea) to make a PVR Client Addon for Kodi with native support for Android TIF?

Or would a better architectual design be to add support for Android TIF into Tvheadend instead and port that to Android?

Point is it would be nice to have a PVR Client Addon for Kodi's PVR API that can access Android TIF and (Live) TV tuners directly attatched to a Android TV box.
Breaking news now is that Android TV 7.0 (N) will also support TV Recording with Multiple Recorded Sessions for DVR-Like functionality

TV input services let the user pause and resume channel playback via time-shifting APIs. Android N expands on time-shifting by letting the user save multiple recorded sessions.

Users can schedule recordings in advance, or start a recording as they watch a program. Once the system has saved a recording, the user can browse, manage, and play back the recording using the system TV app.

If you want to provide recording functionality for your TV input service, you must indicate to the system that your app supports recording, implement the ability to record programs, handle and communicate any errors that occur during recording, and manage your recorded sessions.

Android 6.0 already includes support for pausing and time-shifting on TV devices, but Android N adds a more robust method of creating multiple recordings in supported apps. These can be scheduled in advance or triggered as you're watching. There aren't any apps yet to test this, but it sounds very much like DVR functionality.

Developers have to explicitly add support for recording in their apps. When the user starts a recording in the app or schedules one ahead of time, the resulting file is stored on the device. Saved recordings can be viewed by the user in the system TV app.

Google cautions developers to be aware of the limited storage in many Android TV devices. In fact, this feature might be rather useless on devices without some sort of expandable storage. It be more suitable for some future Android TV device designed around more DVR-like features.
Hi guys has anyone had a look at this requests yet? Sound like a really good idea
FYI; Google have now also released "TIF Companion Library" with samples to help developers get started with their TV Input Framework:

Sample Android TV Channel App (TV Input) using TIF
Nick Felker from have posted a summery of what could be achieved here:

He utilizes the updated Live Channels app from the Plat Store (as a PVR backend) which since Android 7.0 supports USB tuners and added DVR recording capabilities

Live Channels app can be downloaded for free on Google Play or through APK Mirror

You can read the official documentation for more information:
Made this app adds few streams to the live channels most bbc uk on some more still a work in progress
(2018-12-23, 16:22)princeolivier78 Wrote: Made this app adds few streams to the live channels most bbc uk on some more still a work in progress
 Please notice we do not allow advertising in our forums. This app has nothing to do with Kodi.

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