v16 Version 0.5.1 Released

28/01/2017 - 0.5.1
[CODED] LibreELEC Settings Window
[CODED] OpenELEC Settings Window
[FIXED] Stereoscopic 3D Settings Selection
[CHANGED] Dynamic Background Building
[UPDATED] Keyboard Focus Color
Previous Updates:

16/03/2016 - 0.5.0
[CODED] Initial Jarvis Release
[CODED] Openelec Management Support
[CLEANUP] Skin Images and Code Streamlined

05/03/2016 - 0.4.3
[FIXED] Home Menu Addon Items
[FIXED] Seekbar Behavior During Media Playback
[UPDATED] Mouse Navigation Buttons

29/02/2016 - 0.4.2
[CLEANUP] Correct addon.xml information
[CODED] Music Video Media Info View
[UPDATED] Use Skinshortcuts for Widget Management
[UPDATED] Change Color for Selected Power and Favorites
[FIXED] Select Dialog Navigation
[UPDATED] Add HEVC Media Flags
[CHANGED] Show Seek Bar During Media Playback

06/10/2015 - 0.4.1
[CLEANUP] Remove Skin Debug Aids
[CODED] RSS Editor
[UPDATED] Use Skinshortcuts Templates for Submenu
[CODED] CU-LRCLyrics Script
[CODED] Global Search Script
[FIXED] Dialog Seek Bar Incorrect Label

12/09/2015 - 0.4.0
[CODED] Initial Isengard Release

Bumpaneer's Repo v1.0.3 - Download Link

Jarvis Changes Completed

Oh awesome. So glad to see work still done on this beautiful skin. Thank you for the work. You/this will allow me to update from Gotham soon. Smile
Jarvis beta 2 uploaded to my repo. Getting close to having all the changes complete. The second post has been updated with the current status.
Jarvis version 0.5.0 released on the Kodi repo.
Beta test for Jarvis version... yes, but there is no info here about it nor any additional download links to other Unity versions. The link above is the regular repo link.
The beta is currently over and the Jarvis version of the skin has moved to the Kodi repo. The link for my repo above will have any test builds once I start making changes/adjustments to the skin again. I am currently waiting for bug reports, but as you can see this post hasn't had much activity.
Cheers, yes I hope more activity starts up
amazing job.

Love the skin and love the love you're giving this skin even more~!Big Grin
Some time ago I saw the skin unknowingly unity without repo unzipped it and got it installed nen kodi Jarvis 16.
By chance I saw kodi that was updated and look who was the creator and I had a couple of ideas and questions, but when you look at the forum was the last time was in 2012. Again now that I've found, I can give these questions.

First of all I thank the skin beforehand.
Before you ask I tell my case:
Since the day I told him that I found it online I made several changes: you remove the material design wallpapers, icons and buttons I added kodi krypton ... All this without knowing you continued to work. So somehow I follow up on my part working in parallel to you. I show catches below my progress and asked for possible solutions instability.
1 to change the icons notes that in some sections appear in a blue tone

2 windows disappeared in the movies section

3 shows some buttons do not work properly

4 is not as expand the number of submenus

It may not be as expand the number of sections as well as activate the DVD section

6 I would like to introduce a video intro instead of splash samfisher

Could help me with this ??

My purpose is to make a custom kodi all in one with the best plugin and share it for free with people and had thought of using unity as the main topic in Confluence

I would like to help me correct these problems

Therefore I would be grateful also give all the credit to his work

Now step show my catch

I'm waiting for your answer soon thanks !!




at least you can tell me if possible Increase from 5 to 7 Add-On Shortcuts this skin
Love the skin Bumpaneer! Great job on making it accessible for Jarvis. Only changes I've made to the structure have been to move the main menu bar and submenu lower down the home screen so they're just above RSS feed, shortened the main menu bar to only show 3 items (personal preference as think it's cleaner) and also taken out the submenu animation where it jumps each time you cycle through a menu item. But love the work you've done in doing it all up, the colour change feature in side panel is awesome! Only request I think I'd have is to have an option in side bar that is similar to that, but which changes the text colours as the default menu text sometimes comes across as hard to read depending on colour used.

Thanks for the great work!
Glad to hear you like the skin. I will have to think about how to best implement a font color change, but I like the idea. It will probably end up in the skin settings area or the color choice window rather than the side blade.

As a side note, are you aware there is a built in mechanism for disabling the sub-menu animation on every main menu change? The below setting will cause the sub-menu to be hidden until you navigate down to it from the main menu.
I honestly liked the previous one, but mee like to have a search bar and I can not translate everything miidioma if there are parts and parts that are in English if it happens not to rest but you should fix it
Sorry, I don't understand what needs to be fixed.

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