audio lost
when ever i change channels i loose the audio. i then change the channel again and regain audio. i can then change back to the channel i want and i have audio. so it goes like this: start live tv, select a channel and go to it, no audio. change to any other channel and i have audio. go back to selected channel and i have audio. this happens changing channels as well. this is the only time i loose audio. music plays fine. it seems to only happen in live tv. i am using next pvr. anybody else having this problem. oh yea running jarvis rc.
I'm guessing by jarvis rc you mean 16.1 RC1, have you used previous versions of Kodi and NPVR, were they okay. probably need some more info to really help, e.g. is kodi running on the same computer as the NPVR backend, how is audio output (TV, AMP, Speakers connected to your PC). Have you tried the native NPVR GUI/Client? if so, do you experience the same issue?
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