(RESOLVED) Easy Question on Recent Album Playback
OK... Could be an easy question for you, but I'm not sure where I can change this...

In KODI 16, on Windows 10, in Confluence, under Home Window I have selected:

Show recently added videos (X)
Show recently added albums (X)

And, as expected... it shows recent Films, TV and Music. No problem there.

HOWEVER... the quirk that has caused my quandry is that when I select one of the displayed "recently added albums" and select it to play... it starts playing back the tracks of the recently added album alphabetically, rather than in album order.

Of course, that just messes with my OCD, so I looked for a setting that would change the recently added album playback to "by track" rather than "by name".

In Expert mode, tooling around under Appearance, then Music, as well as System... still did not turn up a way to have recently added albums play by track.

Have the all-being all-knowing gods of XBMC / KODI decided that it is best for me to listen alphabetically to recently added albums? Big Grin

Wecome and open to any useful suggestions. Thansk!
Go into the music library, album view. Open an album (any one). On the left slideout blade, set sort order to "track" "ascending". Exit back to the home window and then try playing one of the recent albums from home window. (Kodi remembers what sort order you have your views set to.)

scott s.
That was it ! Nod

Came here with same question! Thanks.

Begs the question - shouldn't this (Track - Ascending) be the default sort order?
Isn't it a reasonable assumption that the majority of people will want to listen to albums in track order the majority (note use of word 'majority') of the time?
Kodi 17.6 on multiple Windows 10 x64 machines with shared MySQL 5.6.43 database. Kodi 18 on Xbox One. Content (music, video, photos) stored on Windows Server 2012 R2 file server and accessed by SMB.
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(RESOLVED) Easy Question on Recent Album Playback00