Release - igConq - A Conq mod for Krypton

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BobCratchett Offline
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Yup, I think this confirms the skin is dead Smile

Actually, I've been ridiculously busy recently setting up a brand new service for the local council which has meant that - as someone who official became partially retired about three years ago - I'm working more-than-full-time hours at present (tomorrow is my first full day off in three weeks - so I'm currently enjoying getting drunk for the first time in too long Smile)

The skin is still alive, and when I actually get back to working what I'm actually contracted to work, there's a genuinely great update coming with no-little-thanks to the OSMC project and the improvements coming thanks to that project.

I'd encourage patience, and it's good to know that there are people who really care about the skin Smile An update really is coming, and I apologise that my own targets for it haven't been met. But it is coming!
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No need to apologise, please take all the time you need. Actually, I find the skin to be very close to perfect the way it is now so I'd definitely continue using it even if it *was* dead... but knowing that it's still beeing worked on is great news indeed Big Grin

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[Image: 13r7PG0.png]

Just kidding! Keep up the good work!
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