Android - Can Kodi run in a Car Android System with FM DAB Radio and DVB TV?

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I was thinking of buying one of there car radios:
They seem to be pretty much all the same - but I was wondering if it is at all possible to get the Radio and TV part running in this setup with kodi - it would be amazing.
If anyone has an Idea how to or has such a setup already running please let me know
Thank you
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Rjsachse Offline
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I don't think so as there is no android pvr backends as of yet. You might be able to install kodi and you might be able to watch tv through it if the Android app that lets you watch tv can stream the video via iptv. But I doubt it.

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Drt1989 Offline
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Yes it is possible, however would require a good strong mobile data connection - something you are not likely to have while on the move.
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