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WIP Windows 3D MVC Bluray test builds
Nice I hadn't tracked that one down yet. Good to know it'll be fixed in the next build.
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4-13 build did all sorts of crazy things to the skin and display and just seemed to break more and more as it sat idle. Is this the issue with Kodi 17 build that's being addressed?

Also, does anyone know how to get a custom skin to work (or at least be switchable to) in K17? The default is um, well, less then desirable.

On the positive it did seem to have better SBS 3D playback though possibly a slight audio sync issue. Difficult to tell with the few tests I ran on quick cutting trailers.
I really appreciate afedchin's hard work on the mvc Kodi fork, but due to current Krypton issues (audio sync, no Dolby True HD bitstreaming, Live-TV problems, less supported skins) I switched to the Kodi 16.1 RC2 + DSPlayer, which also has 3D mvc support and solved all the issues for me. Though the 3D mvc playback is not hardware accelerated, yet, my i3-6100 HTPC build can handle it easily.

This build is based on Jarvis, so I have no playback problems at all and I can use my favorite skin Eminence 2.0. However, you need to tweak the DSPlayer fork a little bit more, since it is using madVR filters. But as soon it is done, the picture quality is even more stunning, compared to the Krypton mvc alpha build.
@bollstedt can you make a new thread with a tutorial?
There is no need, because Warner306 already has written two really comprehensive guides:
222576 (thread)
259188 (thread)

It took my a rainy sunday afternoon to read it and set it up correctly, but I am still playing with some options from time to time for more optimizations.
(2016-04-18, 14:00)Dave the Minion Wrote: 4-13 build did all sorts of crazy things to the skin and display and just seemed to break more and more as it sat idle. Is this the issue with Kodi 17 build that's being addressed?
Currently Kodi v17 in a pre-alpha stage. And it may contain broken things.
(2016-04-18, 15:31)Dave the Minion Wrote: No, asking if these seemingly random new issues are because of the apparent bug that got through the latest K17 build is not stating I DON'T LIKE K17!" it's trying to find out why things went completely haywire. Using K17, your fork specific, is to obtain proper 3D MVC hardware playback. I don't have a problem working through bugs. It shouldn't be a problem asking why suddenly what's worked like the sun rising in the East for ever previous version of Kodi ever now is screwed more than Sasha Grey in a room with 10 black men.

After all, isn't reporting bugs and errors exactly what testing Alpha's and Beta's all about? Please don't head done the uber hostile road that permeates most of the rest of this site and the Kodi dev team.
Reports about bugs are welcome in any time. But firstly current thread about MVC feature for Windows only (see title), secondly work on Kodi v17 in progress and things may be broken time to time.

@Dave the Minion
I have to delete all your posts which are not related to the thread. I will have to ban you if you continue post messages in same aggressive manner as you did.

Is it possible to you can create and custom Kodi 16 Jarvis version with 3D MVC, there seems to be a lot Lip-Sync complaint about Kodi 17 krypton Build?

This will help us to determine where the Lip-Sync issue is coming from.

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In the beginning, my testing issues with logs were addressed and all was well.
Somewhere along the line, all that changed.
I was the 1st to promptly detail issues as soon as a new build was released, complete with proper log(s).
Those issues and logs were met with less than desirable responses and just plain wrong accusations regarding my competence providing them.
Perhaps that was my fault due to information overload, bad communication skills, or simply because I'm not a techy like so many others.

Attempts were made to turn back the clock and represent the same detailed issues with proper logs.
Due to any possible communication gap, the words were changed but the meaning remained relevant while details were simplified.
Again the responses were directed at my ignorance and incompetence which were incorrect hasty replies avoiding the input provided altogether.
I assume that's because I am an Intel/Nvidia user and not a mainstream tester providing biased input regarding NUC boxes which is 99% of the Windows posts here and other threads regarding 3D MVC coming to KODI some day.

This build still does not work for me using anything after the 4/1 build.
Something changed for the worse in the following build and the snowball continued to roll into the builds after that.
Although this issue was reported immediately, it fell on deaf ears and attention was diverted to who knows what now that I can't test anymore.

This weekend I reinstalled a fresh Windows just to rule out any Microsoft clashes due to customization and adjustments in place previously.
I installed all the latest builds that didn't work in the past, and naturally they still didn't work.
As soon as I installed the 4/1 build, everything worked perfectly, just as before.
The way I see it, if it worked in the 4/1 build, it should still be working in all these later builds.
"It works for me" and "It's an Alpha, expect problems" mean nothing to a user that had a working build and no longer does, many weeks and many builds later.

I see no point in providing logs here and now anymore.
I would again if they were actually dissected so that a solution could actually be realized or at least considered.
I agree with 'the minion'.
Hostility and disdain has crept it's way in here due in part to the treatment of minorities who desire to be included.

The 4/1 build works so perfectly for me, I would be ecstatic if this was updated only with v.17 Krypton changes from time to time.
There could be (2) builds for Windows 3D MVC.
1 which is the current development (Intel HD Graphics) and the other for (Intel/Nvidia only).

The Nvidia would only need 4/1 build with v.17 updates added.
At the very least, more users, minority or not, could be included.
I would be very pleasured to enjoy the KODI experience as much as the majority are now and in the future.
Thank you for understanding the nature of my post, the reason I wrote it, and consideration of it.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
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(2016-04-18, 17:33)brazen1 Wrote: I see no point in providing logs here and now anymore.
I see no point to continue working on MVC support on windows anymore. You were won! Grats! Thread closed.
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