Android - HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro (2016) with Kodi (4K / HDR / 3D / HD Audio)

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(2017-07-12 08:12)nicole zhong Wrote:  Q5 Pro Latest firmware 2.0.4:


1.HDR ratio issue fixed
2.Fix the issue:some Apps stop working caused by DATA patition read-only
3.Issue of compatibility with some routers fixed
4.Not working when press 3D button of the remote control issue fixed
5.Fix the issue:the subtitle cannot be moved by the Navigation buttons of the remote control
6.TV’s fault output issue fixed
7.Lagging issue caused by turnning on the 24hz fixed
8.System crash caused by mmc issue fixed
9.23.976 and 24hz files frame-skipping and jittering issue fixed
10.Blurred screen sometimes issue fixed
11.No sound of AAC 22.05K 5.1 channels pass-through issue fixed
12.No sound of 96K PCM 7.1 channels pass-through issue fixed
13.Frame rate auto-adaptation optimized
14.File manager optimized, language sources added, some useless files filtered
15.Video player optimized
 --3D/2D indication when playback a movie added
 --3D/2D default playback setting added into the playback menu
 --not working when switch HDR issue fixed
 --video player UI optimized
 --some BDMV and BD 3D ISO not playback in KODI’s NFS issue fixed
16.Media Center UI optimized
17.Filter the useless file “RECYCLE.BIN TD Dwonload THUNDERDB  Alarms Notifications Ringtones Podcasts DCIM dlna”in mediacenter
18.HD playback optimized bring many useful functions

Thank you !
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There is a new CFW. For me it works perfectly. No more issues with Netflix and I was able to use HBO Go for the first time on a LAN connection. Flash 2.0.1, then 2.0.3, then this CFW based on 2.0.4

Minor fix/update/change:
update_Q5Pro_(update&themed&Kodi17.4[RC1-20170629])_HMD-2.0.4 2017-07-07.110752
update_Q10Pro_(update&themed&Kodi17.4[RC1-20170629])_HMD-2.0.4 2017-07-05.174159
Posted Image
- Network location support
- Netflix visibility on Google Play
(maybe not visible for you)
- Workaround for Netflix 5.2.x to get running
- Google Maps 9.56.1
- Facebook
- Plex
- Netflix 5.2.1 build 19115
- YouTube 12.25.54 (adaptive 1080p)
- Launcher 3D 1.2.5_HMD_0411_Release
- Media Center 2.2.12_HMD_0425_Release
- HiMediaVideoPlayer 1.0.11_HMD_0411_Release
(if need New HiMediaVideoPlayer read here
BIG thanks to @tmihai20 for Netflix support solution.

Note: If already use CFW v2.0.4 then can apply from Settings/Upgrade/Local Upgrade/USB_x

Installation Instructions:
1. Request Q10/Q5Pro running Android 7.0 v2.0.3/2.0.4
2. Rename update_Q(...)Pro_(...)_HMD-2.0.4(...).zip to
3. Copy to the root of a USB pen drive.
4. Insert the USB pen drive into any USB port of the Q10/Q5Pro.
5. With the Q10/Q5Pro turned off, use a paper clip or pen to press and hold the the pinhole restore button on the back side of the Q10/Q5Pro.
6. While keeping the restore button pressed, turn on the Q10/Q5Pro.
7. The Q10/Q5Pro will show an Android droid logo and proceed to upgrade the firmware.
8. The box will auto-reboot when finished.
9. First boot take 6-7 minutes.
Entire update process ca take up to 15 minutes, just wait...
Normal boot time is 17-19 seconds.
Download Q10/Q5Pro: mediafire

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Kodi player on a Q10 Pro with Nougat
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Can someone verify 23.976 is indeed fixed with 23.976 for 3D ISO's? Thanks.

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