[Kodi 16 Jarvis] Kodi crashes loading channels from VBox
I have installed Kodi on my Apple Mac and then added the VBox PVR and enabled it using the internal IP address setting etc. Live TV is not added to the home page listing.

Top right of the screen a progress bar showed up saying:

PVR Manager is starting up
Loading Channels from Clients

Then it flashes

Loading timers from Clients

Then it crashes.

Now every time I load Kodi, it gives the home page and then the progress bar and it crashes again.

This is a brand new unicable XTi 3334 VBox that is otherwise running fine.

I have tried to delete Kodi from Applications and re-install it but it then tells me the install is corrupted. So I have dumped the install in trash and downloaded it again. Once more I get the same message:

“Kodi.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I cannot find where the Kodi settings are stored to remove them to get back to a default Kodi and am now completely stuck. Can someone advise how to remove all Kodi traces so I can try to install it again? I will then need to understand why it is crashing and what I can do to overcome it.

The Kodi bundle contains the full application. This means that to uninstall it, you only have to drag it to the Trash.
However, Kodi creates userdata files when it is run. They are located in the Application Support folder within your user's Library folder:
~/Library/Application Support/XBMC
~/Library/Application Support/Kodi
This directory contains all your settings and your video & music database. If you want to remove all your Kodi settings, drag this folder to the Trash.

Here's how to access the Library folder in OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion:
Switch to the Finder.
Press and hold down the Option key on the keyboard.
From the Go menu, select Library, as shown below. The Library folder will open
Did you enable Kodi's TV after enabling the PVR add-on in System --> Settings --> TV --> General - Enable TV
Thanks for the responses TVGrrr.

Removed ~/Library/Application Support/Kodi (no longer XBMC)
Removed .kodi folder from my home folder
Moved Kodi to trash
Reinstalled Kodi to Applicaitons. Get the same error that it is damaged. This is a fresh download so now I do not know what to do.

Yes I added the add-on then enable TV (and was surprised to see that Live TV was not showing. Then the problem started.

Any other ideas on what might need to be removed to overcome this?

Am just going to do the same but with a reboot of the machine so see what happens.
Well I have cleared everything out rebooted and downloaded a new install and still get the same issue. I do not know if the package I am down loading is corrupted or if my machine is reading it as corrupted but it is not working. Really do not know what to do now.

Are you doing a clean install without any addons?
What version of kodi are you running?
What version software is on your vbox?

There is a version of urlresolver. That was causing crashing on mine on start up loading the guide.

Links below.

This is the quickest way I have found to remove kodi.

Urlresolver issue fix. http://bestforkodi.com/kodi-crashing-fix/

Few things to try.

Try running kodi without the vbox on and see if it loads kodi. Should give you a error no pvr found I think. But should still start.

Go into the live tv setting and clear quide data. Within kodi.

Reboot the vbox often helps.

These might help.
OK some progress. I have downloaded and installed 16.1 release candidate and that has opened. I am going to slowly install the bits to see where it starts o coach (assuming it will again) and post here.
Well once again, as soon as I tried to install the TV add-on, Kodi crashed. Once again I got the message that it was now damaged and I should trash it. I downloaded the App Cleaner and it found many more files that needed to be removed but even after removing them, neither the 16.0 version or the 16.1 rc version will now install, even with brand new downloads, they just keep saying they are damaged.

Unfortunately I did not see the fix details until after the second version i tried failed so now I cannot open Kodi to try it.

Is it possible to install an older version to see if I can get it going again, try the fix then upgrade? I would like to get it working if I can.
What version of Mac OS you running?
What browser you using to download kodi on?
What is the tv add on you are trying to instal?
You can install an older version of kodi. But I don't think the vbox add on is in that version.

After you have deleted it all empty the trash and reboot.

Are you getting kodi from here? https://kodi.tv/download/

Try a different browser to download it from. Chrome or Firefox or safari if your not using it.

Instal kodi in applications and right click on it a select open. Otherwise the Mac should block it.
Then see if it loads. Also see video below.

Try this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l2n9qC-O5A0
Thanks for the response mjcuk. To answer your questions;

What version of Mac OS you running?

OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 (latest)

What browser you using to download kodi on?


What is the tv add on you are trying to instal?


You can install an older version of kodi. But I don't think the vbox add on is in that version.

Yes, I think you are right!

After you have deleted it all empty the trash and reboot.

OK will try that as I did not empty the trash last time.

Are you getting kodi from here? https://kodi.tv/download/


Will review video then get back.
First bit is good as the video link you sent has cured the trashing problem and Kodi 16.0 is once more opening. Thank you for finding that for me.
Second bit not so good as I cannot find a url resolver in my system dependencies add-ons! My Kodi is Version 16.0. (Git-20160220-a5f3a99).

I have installed the VBox add-on and configured it. If I configure it with an incorrect IP (same as switching it off) it tells me there is a connection problem so it must be connecting when I provide the correct IP.

With the correct IP I then enable the TV and almost immediately it starts the loop I described above i.e.

Top right of the screen a progress bar showed up saying:

PVR Manager is starting up
Loading Channels from Clients

Then it flashes

Loading timers from Clients

Then it crashes.

As I said I could not use the fix suggested as the add-on was not on my Kodi. Not sure where I go from here but appreciate all your help.
You need to enable debug logging and post the log here. If Kodi really crashes (e.g. you end up on your desktop) you should also have a crash log (wiki) somewhere. Please pastebin that one as well if you find one.
I followed this;


to get two logs which are;




Let me know if you need any more information. I deliberately made it crash three or four times by enabling the TV, once with wifi off so it crashed when the wifi came back on.


At least we are getting somewhere.

What version of software are you running on your vbox?

Try installing. From Tvgrrr post

I have just received from VBox a release candidate firmware version 2.52 with major new improvements and features

This is the release note received:

1. Program guide - Solution for HD channels and external guide
- Copy guide from one channels onto another channel
- Import external XMLTV EPG to the VBox
- Added progress bar to Update EPG in the "Program Guide" page

2. Improved scanning - It actually found some channels that it didn't pick up before

3. Fix to the Kodi recording issue

Additional fixes
- Allow channels names renaming on a variety of languages
- Move the Duplicate PCR PIDs settings to "Manage""Streaming"  "Advanced Settings" page
- Added option to delete multi recordings in MyZone page
- Added "About" in Settings page to display versions numbers and device information
- Added scroller to settings page
- Added HW Acceleration Mode to Settings page (for Android App with release 1.08 & up)
- Recording of a program without guide - User must fill Program title if this information is not available

Works with:
• Android App version 1.08 (published on 15/1/2016)
• Android Big Screen App version 1.02 (published on 3/2/2016)
• iOS App version 1.05 (submitted for published on 2/9/2015)
• Kodi 16.3 & up (VBox PVR Add-on 2.1.8 & up)

The download links they provided are
for FW ver 2.50 and above - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wKkR4...sp=sharing
for older FW (Will reset the VBox to factory default) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wKkR4...sp=sharing
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