Contolling Kodi/OpenElec from PC
Hi Guys

Thanks for al the suggestions... I will keep trying....

Thank you
How about this then? You install Kodi on your laptop and set up your sources and libraries. So you're browsing your content on your laptop. When you want to play something on your Pi, you bring up the context menu ('c' on your keyboard or right-click) and choose 'Play Using'. Hopefully your Pi will appear on the list that comes up. Select it and your content should play through the Pi. This depends on your settings. Settings->Services->UpnP->Allow Remote Control via UPnP should be set (on your Pi). Settings->Services->UPnP->Look for Remote UPnP Players should be set on your Laptop. Also, your router must allow UPnP traffic.

You seem to want the Kodi interface on your Pi to be mirrored on your laptop. As others have said, that's not possible. This way, you use the same interface, but just route the output to a different device. The laptop is used as a UPnP controller. The Pi is used as a UPnP renderer. Google those terms if you're not familiar with them. Good luck.
Thank you.

The suggestions and comments are great thank you.

I am going to have to accept that what I want is not possible. I am OK with that.

So that is good for me... I will accept it the way it is.


How about this?(in future)
Control Pi in a web browser on computer or tablet or phone, once click the bottom, Pi do the control and also do a screenshot and sent it back to web borwser, So we can see what the pi UI is displaying.
(2016-03-29, 07:44)foxint Wrote: All I want to do is see the Kodi screen on my windows box...not sure why this is a hard thing??

To send full screen GUIs across a network is a non-trivial thing to do. You are in the realms of Logmein, Windows Remote Desktop, VNC etc. All of these products use processing (varying levels of compression based on the available network bandwidth) to reduce the amount of network traffic required to carry desktop GUIs over a network (a 1920x1080/60Hz GUI would take more than Gigabit Ethernet can provide to carry without compression of some sort) Most of these solutions fall over badly with video. Given that Kodi is designed as a video player (it also does audio well), these solutions aren't a good fit for Kodi use, so people don't really bother with them (or developing them)

This isn't what Kodi is designed for, and isn't required for remotely controlling Kodi for most people's uses. You don't need the Kodi UI to be sent to another computer to control Kodi from that computer.

Lots of Kodi functionality is provided by the web interface, and smart phone remotes aren't just dumb remotes that provide a software equivalent of a remote control, they provide lots of additional functionality (I think including library search), much of which is similar (though looks different as it isn't skinned) to the Kod UI.

Also remember that dedicated music players like Volumio, Rune, Moode etc. music players are all controlled over web interfaces too - they don't have a video GUI at all. (Some people use a web browser running locally to give the appearance of a local GUI)

Maybe you should actually explain to those of us trying to help what you're trying to achieve - rather than just telling us what you can't do and why it's a problem,

What are you actually trying to do (not how are you trying to do it)?

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