Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Just my 2 cents, but the audio sync error is minor w/Intel DN2820FYKH. It may or may not bother you. And, there are workarounds as we've just discussed...

1. Try quick, brief fast-forwarding or fast-reversing to get audio back in sync (easiest)
2. Skip ahead or back a chapter
3. Convert 3D ISO's to MVC MKV's (not that I'd do this myself as my other 3D media players don't support MVC MKV)
4. Try audio offset in Kodi (see @brazen1's post just below)
5. Try audio offset in your AVR for that HDMI input
6. advancedsettings.xml may be an option; need to read up and find out if audio offset can be applied to ISO's only
7. Try more RAM. I use 4GB. Maybe 8GB will help, maybe not, don't know
8. Like movie78 noted, maybe @afedchin can squash the lip sync error with newer builds (and possible performance tweaks for 3D ISO)
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