Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-03-28, 16:26)hdmkv Wrote: Think I'll use audio delay (actually audio advancement using minus 500ms) adjustment for now w/my Celeron NUC for 3D ISO's, then wait for Kaby Lake... hopefully we'll see NUC's w/it by Holidays.

@brazen1, re: the audio offset via Kodi, does it affect all videos? Wouldn't want that as 3D MVC & 2D MKV's are playing w/o audio sync error.

Yes, it is a global setting. That's why I suggested you map 'A' using device mce keyboard and add it as a custom button. This way you can adjust on the fly. It's literally as much effort as turning the volume up or down. (Press mapped button, osd of it displays, press left or right direction button, press enter when finished). You can watch the lip sync in real time, on the fly, since the osd is tiny.

This is what you want to enter for Microsoft Device
This is also very handy

It's all I use and believe me when I tell you EVERYTHING you could ever want is here.
Understand, there are some keys in the 1st device, that are different in the 2nd device.
What you are trying to do is use a blend of both of these devices, through trial and error, to find which blend of keys works best for you.
For example, I want a key that not only controls something in KODI, I want that key I map to also control PDVD.
So, if a button works in KODI, but not PDVD, I opt for another key from the other device and test if it will now control both.
Somehow, (lots of trial and error) I managed exactly that.
I understand you aren't using PDVD but maybe another device like your AVR subwoofer setting or something like that.
Hope you understand.

Again, here are KODI mappings Keyboard (wiki)

You can google mappings for other devices such as an RPI, PDVD, your display, etc.
The object is not to have to switch around devices to get to the controls for them and just have common keys so you don't have to fumble around digging through your remote menus.
Good luck.
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