Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
@hdmkv probably someone with better knowledge can also comment on it, but Intel community forums are full of reports of dying NUC's (even people who claimed that their NUC is fine later came on to report that it died).
Just search for WHEA error and see the number of reports.
As well as this PCN for I3 and I5 NUC's saying that Intel will change 3 capacitor's values (due in april?) suggests a major problem in the design. Then again this post on Intel Community forums says that Intel are not positive this change will completely solve the WHEA issue, and further investigations are going on.

Edit: Also this page that shows Intel is currently working on this WHEA issue but still hasn't identified or corrected the problem (last update on 21-March is basically suggesting to revert the update before Big Grin)

2nd Edit: I am suggesting to avoid Skylake NUC for now, not Skylake H/W, as the problem in the board Intel is using for their NUC, obviously you will not have this problem with a another Skylake product running on a different motherboard.
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