Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-05, 00:09)fritsch Wrote: Btw. kodi does not do 3:2 pulldown.
No - my point is more that the word 'telecine' is used to mean 'add 3:2 pulldown' by many people. Whereas telecine is the machine and process of converting film to video.

In Europe we telecine 25fps film (or 24/23.976fps sped up to 25fps) to 50i/p using 2:2. It's only in 59.94Hz regions that their telecines use 3:2 (and for many years it has been done electronically rather than mechanically). The thing that really gets me is that now so little content is actually shot on film, very little footage is actually passed through a telecine. These days 3:2 pulldown is applied to 24p video, not just film, and this 3:2 pulldown has nothing to do with any telecine (Yet this addition of 3:2 is incorrectly described as being 'telecine' by many people...) The 'cine' in telecine refers to film...

Get's even worse when people start talking about 'telecine removal'...

Quote:The RenderManager was redesigned some time ago to implement a pull model. Renderthread comes by in refreshrate interval and asks for a frame to display. He then gets a frame which timestamp is not yet late. If you play 23.976 at 60 hz some frames are displayed twice or three times. As the renderqueue is elastic you should not realize any issues. The old 3:2 is long gone.

So all being well, with 23.976 sources and 59.94 output and no waiting for decoding what is the expected cadence?
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