Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-06, 00:49)brazen1 Wrote: So, to be clear, using an NUC, your PJ or any display for that matter, auto switches to either 3D MVC Frame Packed,, or whatever, based on the content and/or file naming? Using Nvidia, I actually have to cheat. It won't do that on it's own. Have to select mode using remote, except 3D MVC Frame Packed (that's automated). But..... if you're a Samsung owner, there is a plug-in that automates that part and that's how I get away with it. Just comparing notes between GPU chips. In other words, say you have various sbs, tab, iso, 2D, 3D formats and containers. Do you have to select anything with the remote after clicking on a title or is it all automated?

Must have confused you. It's ok. I do that to myself often.
Say you have a and a and a 3D MVC Frame Packed.iso.
Can you click on all those titles in the library once and set your remote down?
Or...... do you have to manually select the mode for your display?
Or...... do you have to navigate KODI settings and select your preferred mode to match either a sbs or tab or ?

I guess two things could be at play here :

1. Is HSBS and HTAB content output as 1920x1080/24 HSBS/HTAB (i.e. regular 2D video - with the TV required to take the two halves and stretch them for each eye) either with or without the HDMI flags that allow TVs to automatically switch into HSBS or HTAB mode.
2. Is HSBS and HTAB content output as 1920x2205/24 Frame Packed (i.e. does Kodi take the HSBS/HTAB stuff and internally scale it to Frame Packed and output it as Frame Packed)? This could be problematic for some 1080/50i and 108059/94i HSBS TV stuff (I've got quite a lot of BBC HD recordings in this format)

My gut feeling is 1. - but I suspect lots of people who are really happy to have MVC decode may have collections that are mostly MVC - and thus output Frame Packed (which will automatically trigger 3D modes)
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