Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
For thosing having the nuc DN2820FYKH
It seems its selling in 2 versions:
One with the 2820 proc , and one with the slightly better proc + faster ram supported the 2830

Both are selled as nuc DN 2820FYKH

Could you guys please tell if yours is 2820 or 2830?
You can see this by the SA numner:

If you're shopping in person, there is a way to differentiate the new and old model though. There is an SA number in the bottom of the box. If it says Version # H22962-103 it will have the new N2830 processor. The models -100, -101 and -102 are equipped with the older N2820 processor. Alternatively, the AA number can be used to check the model. AA number H24582-203 is the new N2830 model whereas -200, -201 and -202 are older models. Messy, huh?
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