Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-07, 02:48)movie78 Wrote: Waiting for your review on the D34010WYK. I might bite base on your findings.
Just spent 3+ hours w/D34010WYK and I am NOT recommending it, and not doing a review for it... here's why:
  • No matter what I tried, I got nasty video artifacts in the form of image shifts, blocky jags; hard to describe. Had to take photos in burst mode to capture this and this.
    - Issue was bad w/April 1 build, but not quite as bad w/March 25 build
    - Tried default graphics driver, and then one from Intel's website. Issue persisted. What was odd is Intel's Driver utility showing nothing available for this NUC, a first for me.
  • On the plus, no lip sync errors w/March 25 or April 1 builds, and HD audio passthrough works well.
  • Also on the plus, D34010WYK is very snappy and responsive.
Now that I've tried out 5 different Intel h/w, what I like most out of all is Dell Micro 3050, so I'll likely keep that and eBay off the rest. I'll do a review for Dell tomorrow...
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