Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-10, 18:54)dukester Wrote: ...i use a mysql database also so on the rare occasion something scrapes with wrong or invalid info i just need to fix it once and the database gets updated...
What am i missing that these external programs do that make them a better solution?
More control, and with each movie/TV folder, same metadata and artwork get picked up in all Kodi boxes. But, sounds like you're doing the similar w/your mysql database to keep your Kodi library centralized? Otherwise, you'd need to scape and fix incorrectly identified content, or artwork you want to alter, w/every Kodi box you have.

On a different note, I just tried April 7 build on DN2820FYKH NUC and found lip-sync error worse than previous builds. April 1 and 7 both work well on Dell 3050. movie78, have you tried April 7? Never mind, I see you did.
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