Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-11, 19:24)movie78 Wrote:
(2016-04-11, 19:06)Skank Wrote: new build available

New Krypton MVC Windows build: April 11

With the Windows 7/8.1 drivers recommended earlier for my i5 Haswel 4250 NUC, installed in Windows 10, and the above build I'm getting Full HD 3D MVC decode and Frame Packed 24p output, and HD Audio bit streamed.

I have noticed that if I then play a 25p 2D file the display stays in 24p 3D mode still. (Same content fed to both eyes)

Some incredibly out of sync audio on 3D content too (seconds not ms), though this may have been caused by skipping. Live/Recorded TV is pretty good at a quick glance (not perfect and after a few minutes surfing between MPEG2 SD and H264 HD I got some jerkiness)

Amazing work though to the people behind this though, and I'm sure the niggles will be sorted.
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