Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
@dukester they are in fact pulling them out, and they are releasing a new revision with revised capacitor values, if you read around the forums you can see that it is more than an isolated incidents (even people reporting their NUC working are coming later to say it died), also if you read the link, a "Task Force" for an extremely isolated case?
The thing is, nobody knows how this can be solved yet, it might be a BIOS update later on, revised hardware, new chip revision, so I guess if it is only a software problem there shouldn't be an issue if you buy one now.

@movie78 well, there is no harm in trying, apparently they are always replacing these dead NUC´s due to WHEA error. and you can always hope for the error to be software part.

@hdmkv the WHEA error is basically the BSOD (blue screen of death) with a different error code (starts with WHEA) that is currently affecting NUC users, it starts a couple of times each day, then it gets worse to the point that you are stuck in an infinite loop (reboot then WHEA...) till the NUC dies :/

Edit:- @movie78 as I said don't be afraid, you can keep replacing it, over the intel forums you can read about people who are currently on their third or fourth NUC and counting, most probably also even if it is hardware related you will be able to replace with a newer revision for free. The thing is that currently it is hard to say what will be since nobody really knows the cause or the fix.
Also you might be one of the rare lucky ones who didn't face the problem.
I suggest you read around the Intel community forum as it seems some people are having luck when they update their bios on first start (even before OS installation) and some other recommendations there. Also seems there is a newer hardware revision (april rev.) that seems to be performing slightly better.
so all in all, wish you luck with it, and keep an eye on the forums there.
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