Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Will do
Tested anyway and finally could see 3d inside kodi! Lol
However lots of things not good yet
Perhaps should begin with settings. Ahh not used to intel and not sure all video enhancements are off, someone pls post pics of all settings there.
Then inside windows display refreshrate, what should it be there? P60hz?

Started last build with settings suggested , i dont get audio passthrough!
Could chose directsound default, directsound hdmi, wasapi default and wasapi hdmi
I thought wasapi hdmi but dont get surround even..
Any help?
Movie stutters and in beginning has around 130 skipped frames.
Then plays good
3d depth and quality is amazing!
One movie (epic) didnt play right in 3d , it was rather mix with 2d, very strange

Will look at drivers next time and should get passthrough audio before i post logs..
Oh, should the fullscreen window setting be checked or unchecked?
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