Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
To quote Aretha Franklin: "What a difference a build makes" Smile

Last night I watched Born to be Wild 3D.MKV and everything was just perfect from the get go.

I also tested MVC MKV of The Walk which is my go-to movie to test because right from the start of the movie you get a close up of the main guy talking, so easy to spot lip sync errors and it was spot on.
I did get a delay in the lip sync once I skipped to the next chapter which was easily fixed with a quick RW.
Do you guys not get that when skipping chapters? If not then maybe it's a limitation of the DN2820...
Need to do more testing of various MKVs with chapter skips.
I watched Born to be Wild in True Fullscreen. Then I tried it again in True Fullscreen Window and it seemed to be ok too. Need to do more testing of that though.

Now to the 2D. I watched an episode of Strike Back S01 Bluray. True Fullscreen Window was still on and it was a bit choppy. I then switched to True Fullscreen and it seemed to fix the issue.
I need to add more of my sources now that it seems to have a better build and do more testing with more 2D stuff like more TV shows and Movies.
One thing though, I dearly miss Aeon Madnox Sad I really hope Krypton will soon be at a point where we can use custom skins.

Anyway, afedchin, thanks a lot once again for your hard work on this!
HTPC 1: Vero 4K
HTPC 2: Intel NUC D34010WYK (Windows afedchin's Krypton MVC Build)
RIP schimi2k | I miss you buddy :(
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