Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
There are no windows/intel drivers for Braswell hardware video decode. It exists in linux which is why libreelec works.

(2016-04-22, 17:00)Mylo75 Wrote:
(2016-04-21, 19:34)hdmkv Wrote: Try enabling debug logging, then re-watch same video(s)... I have a suspicion there will be no stuttering. I haven't had a chance to test 0420 build yet, but that's what happened w/me on Dell 3050 and i3 NUC w/build just before this.

Yea tried that but no better.

I've noticed the 4 cores are running at 100% when playing back the 3d iso. On libreelec each core never goes over 10% during playback.

The man of steel is the only 3d iso that plays perfectly, I've ripped all my 3d blurays to iso with dvdfab using identical settings each time.

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